Comment of the Day: Is It Real or Is It HDR?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IS IT REAL OR IS IT HDR? “I don’t photoshop my pics. My skills are worse [than] this one. I wonder: What about HDR photography? I have never used it in my marketing, but some of the images sure border on fantasy as well.” [Thomas A. B. Johnson, commenting on A First Glimpse of the New Dynamo Stadium“]

One Comment

  • As a partner of a company that provides HDR photography as a core service I felt the need to comment. HDR photography has seemed to garner a bad reputation in some circles due to how some photographers process their imagery. These photographers tend to tone-map their images to a point of ridiculousness, making them appear “cartoony”. HDR, as a technique, is 100% “real” as it is only a way to capture the full range of light and dark within a scene (also known as “dynamics”, hence HDR or High Dynamic Range).

    I thought about adding a link to some of our HDR work but I don’t want this to be perceived as a shameless plug for our business.