Comment of the Day: It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose, It’s How You Prolong the Game

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IT’S NOT WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE, IT’S HOW YOU PROLONG THE GAME Stop Ashby Highrise Signs, Southampton, Houston“I disagree: The residents won this battle. They delayed this project into one of the worst recessions this city has ever seen. I doubt this gets built now — and even if it does, they paid lawyers to let them keep their neighborhood the same for 10 years . . .” [htownproud, commenting on Ashby Highrise Neighbors Lose Appeal: No Payment for Damages by an Unbuilt Project] Photo of Stop Ashby Highrise signs in 2009: Swamplot inbox

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  • I’m a third generation Houstonian and this is far from being one of the worst recessions. In fact, I would hardly notice if people didn’t keep saying “this is the worst!” htownproud, call Bill and Ted and hitch a ride to the eighties. This ain’t no stinkin recession. I’ll show you a recession!

  • Actual Comment of the day: “Just another confirmation of what we already know: Nobody wins in a lawsuit except the attorneys.
    I hope the developers of this project stand on the rooftop when it’s done and gleefully piss down onto the neighbors rooftops.

  • i don’t see how its a win for the residents to have anger, spitefulness, and legal battles in your life for 10 years. sounds pretty miserable to me.