Comment of the Day: Keepin’ It French

COMMENT OF THE DAY: KEEPIN’ IT FRENCH “If a buyer does not appreciate authentic French construction or understand the architecture and passion involved to complete a showplace like this, keep moving. The basic bones are French and a crime to strip the beauty from it. . . . French rooms are meant to be ornate, lots of specialized woodwork, and rooms always separated from others. I know I just sold my parents authentic French home that took 4 years to build and 4 years on the drawing board. Every detail was studied and nothing too small to compromise the integrity of the house. They enjoyed the home for 15 years. I was privileged to live there and watch the delight on people’s faces as they toured the home. My point, a true French home only shines when it is in it’s original state. renovation of course. My parents loved Jerry Moore’s petite chateau. Keep it french.” [Meredith, commenting on On Second Thought, Nevermind: The $5 Million Gut-and-Flip of Jerry J. Moore’s Little French Castle in Houston]

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  • Is it authentic “French” construction if built in Houston? Wouldn’t that make it authentic Houston construction, in the Frensh style? This is a real question.

  • A true French home is in France. Whatever has been built here is a facsimile of one particular style of construction and decor found within a country that spans a large range of geography and climate. To claim that there is single “French” style in a country that includes everything from Breton fishing villages to Alpine chalets to Parisian extravangance is like saying all American homes should look like the Alamo.

  • but every one of those styles you mention is certainly un-american and decidably french. you can’t escape generalizations no matter how hard you try.