Comment of the Day: Looking for the Hotel Montrose

COMMENT OF THE DAY: LOOKING FOR THE HOTEL MONTROSE “Hotel Hotel Hotel. A hotel is long overdue for Montrose. Kimpton, Aloft, W or some other modern brand would be great. I am no developer, so I have no idea if it is doable but it would be welcome. It has the bones and imagine a hip hotel pool bar on that roof! I bring people into Houston who are considering moving here from the West Coast and Northeast. They want to live in an inner city hip walking area; Montrose generally. I don’t want them staying downtown where the streets are dead at night. The ZaZa is great but it is too far to walk to Westheimer. The Galleria has too much traffic. In the end though, I generally recommend the Derek or the ZaZa. If not here then a new build at the corner of Montrose and Westheimer. And what is the story about that lot on Westheimer near Dunlavy where it looks like construction started at one time? Hotel possibility? I am really really convinced that Montrose needs a hotel!” [charlie, commenting on What 3400 Montrose Looks Like Inside]

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  • Hey I think that’s a great idea. They should bulldoze that crappy center on southwest corner of Westheimer and Montrose (where Half Price books is) and build a high-rise hotel WITH BALCONIES, then let the retail move back in below, and it would be a huge hit. Especially with the Gay Parade passes by people could watch from their balconies!

  • I agree. Maybe someone that has experience developing property in that area, like Steve Zimmerman, could open a boutique hotel near there. That would be awesome. Then people who regularly bring people to Houston could have them stay there!

  • I’ve always thought the same thing! I’ve always thought that the old 3400 Montrose building would be an ideal location for a hotel.

  • Very true. Friends were visiting this past weekend and the closest hotel was downtown. Never quite realized it before but Montrose could use a hotel.

  • There is La Colombe D’Or. But, I see what you are saying.
    If you have a pile of money and will pay me $20k a month for my consulting fee (full disclosure: I have never done any consulting on hotels and you may be throwing your money down the drain), I will be happy to work up a deal with the owners of the old SkyBar building on Montrose. It would convert very nicely into a boutique loft-style hotel space. Bar and restaurant up top, strip out the first floor for a lobby and some street level retail, plenty of parking and great proximity to restaurants, St. Thomas, etc. I think we should call it the “Montroser”.

  • I stayed at Loft 523 in New Orleans recently, something like that would be awesome in Montrose.

  • i couldn’t disagree more guys. the Montose area has bunches of great B&B’s that are so much more suitable for the character and taste of the area. leave museum district / galleria for the out-of-towners.

    besides, there’s a decent amount of hotel space along 59 that seems to be sufficient for the area as it is.

  • What is wrong with the La Colombe D’Or that local folks don’t want their company staying there?

    I understand that it’s pricey but what else?

  • Joel, nobody wants to get rid of those… they aren’t talking a mega hotel either… a nice boutique loft style place would fit very well in that area. Ground floor retail/restaurant/bar would be welcomed too.

  • The logo of the hotel could be a Rooster and a Lollypop.

  • If we, and all our out-of-town visitors were mega-millionaires, La Colombe D’Or would be #1 on my list, but mere millionaires have a hard time rationalizing the expense.

  • “I stayed at Loft 523 in New Orleans recently, something like that would be awesome in Montrose.”

    I’ve stayed there before too and you’re spot on – something tells me that 3400 Montrose will get torn down though. Looks like a dump and with rents so high someone would have snatched up up already if it was economical to renovate.

  • I agree that it would be nice. But, if I were asked to put up the money, I’d take a cautious stance too.

    Perhaps there’s a nice civic-minded mega-millionaire out there who is so well-off he/she doesn’t have to be so risk-averse?

  • or an ace hotel – something with regular single rooms and some shared hall bathroom/less expensive rooms with a fantastically cool common space in the lobby. agreed!

  • I think an hourly hotel would work best in Montrose.

  • We have not had a hotel in the past because Montrose lacked the proper sewage system to handle it. But that’s been fixed.

    For years I owned Montrose Inn, a cheap B&B that served its purpose until the economy collapsed under George W and people stopped traveling. But Houston is booming again. I too alway visualized a 12-or-so story hotel on or near Montrose & Westheimer. All I lacked was money.

    A hotel by the hour? Absolutely NO WAY. What are you thinking?

    But a “Hotel Montrose”, moderately-priced rooms. walking distance to the clubs and restaurants, would probably stay 85% booked and be a money-maker.

  • That spot near Dunlavy and Westheimer on the North side of Westheimer, east of Dunlavy? At one time that was slated to be a hotel that was going to be developed by the Hotel San Jose people from Austin. Then the economy went to hell. Something like that would be perfect there. I totally agree we need a hotel in the neighborhood. I like Colombe D’Or, but it’s small and not always available, and B&Bs aren’t everyones cup of tea.

    A hotel in the middle of Montrose puts out of towners (of a certain demographic) in a great place to visit. 5 minute walk or less to Marks, DaMarco, Hugo’s, Underbelly, Uchi, etc., not to mention drinking and some shopping. The Westin Galleria is perfect for a certain type of visitor, a hotel in Montrose is perfect for another.

  • Not a big box hotel, but something that blends in with the neighborhood and has the same laid-back, relaxed, edgy character of Montrose. Similar to Luz Lambert’s Hotel San Jose or Saint Cecilia in Austin’s South Congress.

    You’re right – There is a missing piece to Montrose and it’s a place to stay for visitors – and for locals to get away. In the heart of the walkable, artsy area.

    I’ve also thought a smaller boutiquey W Hotel would be perfect at Westheimer and Montrose “W Hotel – Montrose.” It’s great. Or W Hotel – Houston Museum District. Artsy, walkable, close to downtown. It would work.

    Nobody wants to go to La Colombe D’Or. It’s too chichi and “grandma.” It’s not hip, whatsoever. Yes, it’s nice to have, but only if you’re never going to hang out there and ready to dish out $$$$.

  • I remember a rumor about a Boutique hotel being built on Westeihmer, just east of Shepard. In the vacant lot across from the Firkin and Phoenix.

    A better location would be Westiehmer and and montrose, where Spec’s is.

    It is needed though.

  • Erhed
    Your neither funny nor appropriate, so grow up or go troll somewhere else. This is a good idea and it would work if there was a boutique type hotel in the area, and Montrose and Westheimer would be a great location. Since the property was recently sold perhaps that’s in their plans.

  • A botique Hotel just east of Westheimer and Dunlavy is in the works…..stay tuned…

  • The hourly hotel idea made me laugh…i agree, Montrose needs a cool boutique hotel. Gays love cool hotels and will spend money on a cool room (im gay i know this to be true;) would have to be within easy walking distance of Pacific Street for sure..really, this is a great idea, it’s amazing in Houston, the city of developers, this has gone unnoticed

  • Glad to see that I am not alone in my thinking. I just wish I had the money to make it happen before someone else inevitably does…..