What 3400 Montrose Looks Like Inside

The only thing that’s really changed about 3400 Montrose, a tipster tells Swamplot, is the name of its owner: Global Paragon, which bought the former podium for Scott Gertner’s Skybar in 2011, went “belly up” this past November, the tipster says, and the vacant 10-story building’s now owned and managed by a 40-person LLC that’s looking for a buyer or a joint venture.

And that’s where these interior photos, from a short-on-info listing posted recently on Cushman & Wakefield’s website, come in:


The tipster says that the LLC has received offers. None of them, however, included plans to keep 3400 Montrose an office building, and one intended demolition.

And here’s a look at what’s on the other side of those doors:

The view below shows the L-shaped strip center at Montrose Blvd. and the CVS Walgreens across Hawthorne:

And the available parking:

Photos: Cushman & Wakefield

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  • Walgreens not CVS

  • @Tangyjoe: You’re right. Thanks. It’s been corrected.

  • What happened to all the ceilings? I thought this was an occupied building until very recently. Did someone go rummaging for copper wiring, or has the building always been in that condition?

  • building has been unoccupied (save for a portly guard) for quite some time. At least since the facade fell off a short while back. Sad to see, this place looks like killer loft-style office space if done correctly.

  • Looks like what I’ve read about the low ceilings is very true. Not an easy project. Very interested to see how this plays out.

  • It appears someone has spruced up the Sky Bar area since it closed.

  • Sky Bar is looking more like Sky Barrio at the moment

  • I recall a story (perhaps apocryphal) about how the janitor (Building Engineer) set up a pistol range in the basement.

    I live near the thing, but never heard any shots coming from inside the building.

  • I drove by it yesterday and noticed several broken windows in upper floors that aren’t covered up. If they’re not even bothering to protect the interior from the elements, that building’s days are numbered. Better hope the pigeons don’t move in.

  • I have regretted not visiting the Sky Bar before it closed.

    Also, call me weird, but I’m thinking this building could make a cool boutique hotel, since there is hardly any hotel or motel that I know of in the Montrose area.

  • @Sabaushi, if you don’t look next door, I suppose that is true.

  • I went to the Sky Bar some years ago. Undoubtedly the BEST VIEW of downtown in all of Montrose.

  • Nearby hotels on or at Montrose: La Colombe d’Or and ZaZa.

    I agree though…I wish the building could be turned into something cool. That is such a great space on the top with the best view of downtown. Apparently it may not be possible….

  • I’m (still) in love…

  • In a weird way, 3400 Montrose reminds me of the old McGraw Hill Building on 42nd Street in New York. I think it’s the windows. 3400 Montrose isn’t an art-deco gem and it was built 20 years later than the McGraw Hill building.
    I wish they could capture the sort of tenant that they have (or had back in the 1990s when I lived in New York) at McGraw Hill, for 3400 Montrose. The place was chock full of architects, graphic designers, advertisement agencies, and other creative types lured by the coolness of the building, location, and reasonable rents.

  • Hotel Hotel Hotel. A hotel is long overdue for Montrose. Kimpton, Aloft, W or some other modern brand would be great. I am no developer, so I have no idea if it is doable but it would be welcome. It has the bones and imagine a hip hotel pool bar on that roof!

    I bring people into Houston who are considering moving here from the West Coast and Northeast.They want to live in an inner city hip walking area; Montrose generally. I don’t want them staying downtown where the streets are dead at night. The ZaZa is great but it is too far to walk to Westheimer. The Galleria has too much traffic. In the end though, I generally recommend the Derek or the ZaZa.

    If not here then a new build at the corner of Montrose and Westheimer. And what is the story about that lot on Westheimer near Dunlavy where it looks like construction started at one time? Hotel possibility?

    I am really really convinced that Montrose needs a hotel!

  • Gotta have major asbestos issues don’t you think. Location is prime. Great potential.

  • I’ve seen far worse, and expected far worse too. Aside from the asbestos, that is a very nice building in need of a good restoration.

  • 3400 while having killer views is a money pit. Between the lead pipes, the asbestos and Go d only knows what other issues( oh yeah almost forgot the “”ownership” out of Israel ) and you have a developers nightmare. I’d abate all of the environmental problems,then tear the thing down.Then build a NEW structure.

  • I walk my dog by here almost every day. For whatever reason, the parking garage has been redone and upgraded. It was repainted and electronic access added. A very nice wrought iron fence was put in too.

    But why? Do they plan on parking cars there during the Greek festival?

    Also that little building next door that was a small antique place was sold as well as the fugly white house on the corner. Perhaps someone is buying the whole block to rip it down and put up condo’s?

    All that place needs is a restaurant with lively bar on the first floor and those condos will sell out