Fountain Drinks on Fountain View: McDonald’s Moving In on Magnolia Grill Corner

A reader sends this photo of what went down today at 6000 Richmond and Fountain View: The Magnolia Bar & Grill, cleared for demo last month, has been reduced to rubble and that sideways sign. And what’s in store for this Briargrove corner southwest of the Galleria? Kenneth Lewis, a rep from the partnership that owns the property, says you’ll soon see a McDonald’s.

Photo: Pat McCarley

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  • So I guess that means the McDonald’s 1/2 block East is closing, too.

  • Good because the one a block back was just not cutting it anymore. First Starbucks now this

  • Well if the Jack in the Box on the corner of Richmond/Chimney Rock could not make it, how can this?

  • I am so out of touch, did not know the Magnolia was closed, last I remember the roof fell in one day but I think they got that fixed. Ah progess, take down paradise to put up a parking lot/McDonalds/Starbucks

  • Great! Already there were homeless people living in that Magnolia building and next to the METRO Bus shelter, now they’ll have permanent shelter inside that McDonald’s.

    It’s amazing to see how much trash fast food establishments generate at bus stops on Richmond. At Fountain View and Richmond you’ll have Burger King cups and wrappers flying by, and at Chimney Rock and Richmond you’ll have Popeyes cups and boxes on the street.

    What a dang shame!

  • Fast food customers generate that trash, not the establishments, dhanix.

  • Landlord spent almost 3 years trying to get every last penny in rent for the former Magnolia restaurant building before it collapsed from neglect ! McDonald’s wanted the site from day one as a relocation for their mid-block location to the east but refused to pay the Landlord’s “ask”. Landlord finally had no choice but to accept a ground lease deal from McDonald’s because the Magnolia building was in such bad shape eventually it was obvious it would no longer be economically viable to fix up. Landlord’s stubborn negotiating posture ended up leaving at least $ 300,000 in lost revenue on the table from the last 2 years.

  • Interesting insight, e f hutton. Where did you get your information? McDonald’s never contacted the landlord on Day 1, or day 366. In fact, it was a very long time before McDonald’s became interested in the property.

  • I love the insider perspective in the comments here.

  • KJ, dont worry. Most of these guys talk without having an insight on real estate. I think its a great move for McDonalds and the Landlord.