Comment of the Day: New Neighborhood Names Stick

COMMENT OF THE DAY: NEW NEIGHBORHOOD NAMES STICK Scrabble with Neighborhood Names“I came from DC and we saw this time and again . . . what I learned is the pro-namers almost always win. Turns out it is fairly easy to name an unnamed area. Of course, in DC (and SF, and LA), the names are almost always douche-y NYC-wannabe abbreviations. The naysayers should just be glad they aren’t calling it TriNoMa (Triangle North of Main).” [CAHBF, commenting on Tampico Heights Rises Again, This Time in a Bumper Sticker Campaign] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I don’t know that’s true. I live in Braeswood Place. It’s what we call it and there are signs in and out of the ‘hood. But it still frequently is referred to as “Ayshire.”

  • Didn’t work that well for the people pushing “Uptown” i/o the Galleria.

  • Braeswood Place is the name for the general area. Ayrshire is the correct legal name for the actual neighborhood.

  • Trinoma I like it! lol

    @Progg its actually offically called Uptown Houston

  • Progg I’m fairly new here ( 2 years ) but I call Galleria area Uptown. Sorry!

  • @hmmm
    I get it but people who grew up here and are older than 12 will probably never call it Uptown.

  • @elseed,
    That’s beside the point. Do you call the area east of downtown Eado? Because that’s official too.

  • @Progg
    Uhhh nope. Not true. Uptown is easier. It’s two syllables instead of seven in “Galleria area” and doesn’t lend any undue advertising to a store.