Comment of the Day: Pollution Creditors

COMMENT OF THE DAY: POLLUTION CREDITORS Drawing of Duck in Polluted Waters“It’s good to see that the Feds will help clean up the CES Environmental Services site. I’m of the opinion that bankruptcy law should be revised to require that environmental clean-up be paid for before creditors can be paid. It would help in cases like this, but it would also make lenders push dirty industries to clean up their act. Companies with bad environmental records would feel it in their ability to get credit.” [ZAW, commenting on Predicting Houston Real Estate Hotspots; Drinking Water from Lake Conroe] Illustration: Lulu

One Comment

  • I really really agree with this. Lots of companies put environmental concerns at the very end of their list of worries for a lot of reasons, and pushing lenders to be invested in the environmental security of an investment would do a lot to help streamline regulations etc.
    Of course it will NEVER happen. But you know. Could be cool.