Comment of the Day Runner-Up: Houston’s Shrinking Blast! Zone

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: HOUSTON’S SHRINKING BLAST! ZONE “I have had enough with Blast! Things went downhill fast at the Memorial City location with the ownership change. No soap in the showers, dirty sauna and steam rooms, weight equipment not being properly maintained, etc., etc. I said I would maintain my membership due to its location. Then in February 2013, Blast announces that the Memorial City location would be closing in a few weeks. I was VERY UPSET! I received a letter in the mail stating that my membership would be transferred to the Sharpstown location. That gym is out of the way for me so I started working out at the Barker Cypress location. On Monday, May 6 I go to work out and the landlord has locked Blast! out of the building due to non-payment of rent! Blast! closed the Galleria, Sugar Land, and Memorial City locations, and it seems as if the Barker Cypress location is shut down indefinitely. It’s time to find another gym!” [Floyd Worsley, Sr., commenting on Blast Begins Total Houston Takeover of Bally Total Fitness] Note: The Memorial City location of Blast! Fitness has closed, but the Barker Cypress location at 17750 Katy Fwy. is still open.

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  • retail rents too high

  • I work out at Blast in The Quarry in San Antonio–it’s the old Bally’s–it’s obvious that they’re broke—I wonder everyday how long before they close my location. The rent must be unbelievable. I really miss Bally’s

  • Obviously whoever funded/approved the purchase of Bally’s locations by Blast did really poor due diligence. They will be loosing their a** on this investment. Blast is one sorry excuse for an organization.

  • They will get a new name and start selling “lifetime” memberships. This game has been going on for decades.

  • Waiting for the N.Shepherd location to close any time. Disgusting restrooms/showers, I don’t know how anyone can even use them. They actually are trying to keep the floor clean and I see them cleaning machines but that is too little too late. LA Fitness is opening just north of this location. Buh-bye Blast!

  • I agree, I really wonder who the investors are behind Blast, they seems very obtuse. It’s bizarre that they’ve kept all the old Bally’s signage, even the huge red B handing from the ceiling has stayed, the massive Bally’s sign on the edge of the building remains, you’d have no idea that Bally’s wasn’t still in business. I’m hoping Gold’s buys this location, tho they’ve have one of their premier clubs across 281

  • Why not just get a membership at 24 hr? They’re not the best place in the world but they are pretty good, the newer locations are even nicer, they’re reasonably priced, and have locations everywhere.
    I still have my 24 hr membership ($12/month, from back in the day) even though I go to Fit . I keep my 24hr membership because they’re everywhere so if I travel and want to work out there is a good chance I’ll find one.

  • I joined Blast! when it bought the Bally Total Fitness on North Shepherd and said they’d honor that I already paid for the memebership. I should have left. The place went down hill fast. It’s dirty.. People let their children run around the weight room. Sure, I didnt expect the most desirable clientele for 10 dollars a month, but I didn’t expect THIS, especially in Garden Oaks. I’ve already joined LA FITNESS.

  • 2 thoughts from somebody who is in the retail business and has worked with “fitness” people for years:

    1) gym ownership is the same crowd in high school that drops their truck and covers the bed with an elaborate system. assuming these guys are even reasonable operators (save LA, LIfetime) is just wrong

    2) knowing #1, above, you should be holding yourself to blame for having a draconian, open-ended contract with these clowns. the best deal was the 1-time payment for 1 year, and then revisit later. try quiting 24 hour fitness, see how well that goes, and how long it takes to relieve that ulcer. same processing people as comcast.