Comment of the Day Runner-Up: In the Third Ward Art Zone

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: IN THE THIRD WARD ART ZONE “I live in Riverside/Third Ward. I’m a painter. My upstairs neighbor is a painter and kind of a well-known musician in Houston. A block away lives another musician that was often played on KTRU. A block from me in the opposite direction there is a house where my friend and some other female artists live. On Oakdale there’s the house-turned-artspace Alabama Song that frequently has shows and lectures. Most of us lived in Montrose and other areas before and moved here because it’s less expensive and the spaces are larger. My studio now is pretty awesome. Many of our friends are looking into the area as well for similar reasons, as well as Eastwood.” [is, commenting on Comment of the Day: Getting Ahead of the Game in the Third Ward] Illustration: Lulu

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  • It’s awesome that artists have found another affordable area in the Loop to have their studios and to be creative. Montrose and the Heights have become out of the reach for most, so it’s cool that they’ve found another home close to the museums and Metro rail

  • A predilection towards fear and loathing of “others” is what defines a conservative in the USA (and libertoodlians are just conservatives in denial).

    Heck, when my wife and I bought our house in Montrose 5 years ago, we got the same “how do you sleep with all the crime” type comments from colleagues at work.

    Now 5 years later, our total net loss from crime is about $150, as compared to our friend in Katy whose house was cleaned out during the day, to the tune of $10k+.

    The real problem with the 3rd Ward neighborhoods today is not crime but infrastructure, especially the dismal schools.

    I think it will take another expansion of UH/MedCtr research to bring middle class parents to this area. That might happen now that UH has Tier 1 status.


    P.S. I’m sure there are $1M houses along MacGregor. That’s a beautiful area. Is it the Sugar Hill of Houston?

  • Sugar Hill….. great comparison!

  • Not for nothin…. but there was a house listed THIS WEEK for 750k in Riverside Terrace (east of 288)… thats close


  • Riverside Terrace began as an affluent Jewish Neighborhood and frankly a lot affluent African Americans who live there now would most likely be offended at the Sugar Hill comment, talk about lacking Political Correctness and tact, in addition the neighborhood is tracking more diverse in the last 10 years. Granted, the schools are awful and crime is most certainly an issue, but the houses in Riverside Terrace are fantastic

  • Just because no one understands you, does not mean you’re an artist.