Comment of the Day: Is This the Real Astrodome Plan?

COMMENT OF THE DAY: IS THIS THE REAL ASTRODOME PLAN? “The KHOU talking heads last night floated the suggestion that this vote is merely ‘air cover’ for Harris County to wash its hands of the Dome. Are they going to go through the motions of ‘supporting’ the plan, but with extremely faint praise, see it defeated, then trot out ‘the people have spoken’ while scraping it off? Are our elected County officials smart enough to pull that off? And if somehow it actually passes, some of their friends get to make some money! Is this what they call a ‘win-win’?” [Al, commenting on Sports and Convention Corp.: We Have Ways To Make You Like Our Astrodome Plan] Illustration: Lulu

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  • These officials didn’t equire these lofty positions by being obtuse. They will covet all angles as they’re doing currently. They understand what the dome means to a lot of their constituency, they also understand a lot of folks don’t want to pay for it as well as trying to keep the powerful interests (i.e. the Texans and Rodeo) placated as well. It’s a political tightrope but I’m sure they’ll manage it just fine, don’t you?

  • Wacko conspiracy nutjobs will never go away, neither will penny-worshiping tight-wads. SAVE THE DOME! Don’t allow the dollar store crowd or visionary impaired dullards to control Houston’s legacy.

  • Wow, what incredible sleuthing by KHOU!!!!

  • I am just glad that they are asking the question.. does,nt this work out for you guys no matter how it goes down? Now if they want me to really back them they need to push for a independent investigation , since this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  • Too little, too SOON.

  • When I think of Houston legacy, I think River Oaks mansions, oil industry highrises, million dollar ranches in far suburbs, maybe even Memorial Park. I certainly don’t think of a dilapidated concrete circus tent where once a mediocre sports team played.

  • Seriously??? River Oaks mansions and far flung ranches more iconic than the Astrodome?? –yes, I’m sure when people think of Icons of Houston they think of River Oaks mansions, I know when I think icons of Chicago I don’t think of Wrigley or Soldier Field I think of the fancy high rises of North Michigan Avenue, doesn’t every one?

  • Most people who visit Houston don’t even know what River Oaks is but I guarantee you they know what the Astrodome is

  • Anyone with actual common sense would know that the Astrodome is the only completely unique, iconic, revolutionary structure to ever be built in Houston. Every major city has mansions, industry, parks, ect. But not every city gets the credit and legacy of building a one of a kind structure that completely changed the direction of professional sports and architecture. Demolishing the dome would be a tribute to short-sightedness, cheapness, greed and stupidity. Houston is booming right now, we can certainly afford to preserve a crucial piece of our history for a lousy $8/year. Save the dome to remind future generations that do-ers, innovators and people who cared about Houston’s history once lived in this city. Let them know that Houston wasn’t always in the control of imagine-less, self-serving cheapskates.

  • I think we’re giving these guys too much credit.
    No one becomes a county judge to ‘do’ anything. Their hand was forced. This was the best they came up with.
    The tacit support is a result of the fact that it’s an issue people can point to during an election.

  • If they do indeed tear down the dome, this administration has the blood on their hands. This bait and switch tactic will work and the dome is doomed.

  • When I think Chicago, I think Hancock building, lakeshore drive, and Democrts run amock. When I think New York, it’s Manhattan high rises and iconic bridges, not where some sports team plays. I’ve never heard of a visitor who came to Houston ever wanting to see the Dome or even know it exists. Plus, once you see it next to the brand new and overwhelming in size Reliant Stadium, it looks pathetic, like Al Bundy trying to relive high high school football glory days.

  • Save the dome. Don’t do it for the hope of tourism though, because that’s fighting bullshit with bullshit. Do it because it was, is, and shall remain a structure and part of the civic identity in perpetuity.

  • I’m sure their are people in this world that don’t know the Alamo exist either. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t represent something important to the people who are from Texas and isn’t worthy of preservation. I wouldn’t give the ignorant a say in what happens to the dome. Being uninformed about the history of classic modern architecture iconic superstructures automatically discredits you.

  • The Dome is part of Houston history along with NASA (forgot that one commonsense).

  • the Astrowhat? I know what an Astrovan is, but I’ve never heard of an Astrodome?

  • Join the Real World and Demolish the Astrodome!

  • Tear it down, move on already.

  • Join the real world and vote Democrat.