Comment of the Day Runner-Up: The Next Stage for Washington Ave

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: THE NEXT STAGE FOR WASHINGTON AVE “It’s amusing to hear all of the talk about Wash. Ave. becoming the next ‘Richmond Strip.’ Ever since Washington became popular, people have made this quip. But it is simply not true. For one, it’s a different time and completely different location. It is a major thoroughfare in the inner loop, and close to many popular and affluent residential areas. If it ceases to be a clubby/trendy destination, then all the better, since that is in all likelihood not the best use for the area. The surrounding areas have experienced large growth and will continue to densify. Washington’s future will not be determined by the clubby bar scene, nor should it. It is a prime location for mixed use — restaurants, more casual bars, and residential. Houston is BIG, growing at a fast pace, and increasingly becoming populated by a younger generation who don’t want to live in the ’burbs. Areas like Washington will simply not revert back to their old ways and become ‘the next Richmond strip.’ The market will not let that happen.” [thedudeabides, commenting on How About Washington Ave Jitney Rapid Transit?]

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  • The last Richmond Strip was Downtown. People used to always talk about Midtown as the next Richmond Strip. Now that the Cool/Hip/Stupidity has moved on to Washington, Midtown is still doing quite well.

  • Continued,

    I think it is for some of the same reasons that you mention. I wasn’t around for when Richmond was the next Richmond strip, but in Midtown as on Washington it seems that enough residential is going in for the neighborhood to sustain itself after the Cool/Hip/Stupidity moves on.

  • People are confusing trendy clubs and bar/lounges with regular bars and lounges. Washington Ave will be fine long term.