Comment of the Day Runner-Up: The Screwball Midtown Gentrification Comedy You’ve Been Waiting To See

COMMENT OF THE DAY RUNNER-UP: THE SCREWBALL MIDTOWN GENTRIFICATION COMEDY YOU’VE BEEN WAITING TO SEE Drive-In Movie“The whole fooders trying to gentrify the post-grad frats out of midtown would be a good subject for a Vince Vaughn movie. The frats won’t take loss of their party town laying down. There will be hijinks before the eventual migration of the frat houses to EaDo.” [Houstonian, commenting on New Midtown Whole Foods Market Will Stand Apartments on Its Head, Shut Down a Street, Become Center of Universe] Illustration: Lulu

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  • was out of town last week and saw that movie Neighbors from last year in the hotel. sounds like exactly what you’re describing…and the gentrifiers won.

  • Yuppie vs Bro is not gentrification.

  • @tino: Agreed. I thought the bros were yuppies. A better movie might be the winos and meth heads killing the yuppies and bros and selling their organs on the black market.

  • There is a very different lifestyle held by the post-party college crowd that the whole food yuppies will become very angry with as they move in to enjoy close proximity to downtown. People making all kinds of noise in wee hours of the AM, puking on grass, tossing cigarette butts and passing out in bushes are all things that will make the whole fooders cringe. In turn, the frat crowd will be put off by beer that costs more than $4 a pint. It’s going to cause some growing pains midtown. The party goers brought investment to that area, but now it’s time for them to move on.

  • Y’all know the original yuppie generation are now in their 50s and 60s, right?

  • Houstonian, I’m going to assume your identification of the “post-party college crowd” is a Freudian slip, but that aside, you homogenize a widely segmented community beyond recognition. Let us know when you’ve had a chance to put your boots on the ground in midtown, the many midtowns. That’s a movie I might go see.

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