Comment of the Day: The Cockroaches Found That Cistern First

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE COCKROACHES FOUND THAT CISTERN FIRST “Back in ’83 until about ’85 my buddies Colin Mazzola, Keith Tashima and myself would go down an open hatch into that thing — they closed it up sometime around ’86 or ’87 — this was back when jogging around the North side os Allen Parkway (near the celemetaries) was a little sketchy — people hanging out in the park near/under the Memorial Dr underpasses — anyway, what Lisa Gray left out was the 10 million roaches down there — we couldn’t hang out there for long — you couldn’t sit down or hang — BUT it was really cool and I remember being totally amazed that the City had an underground aqueduct/storm sewer overflow (yes it flooded and was impossible to go down the ladder) that was open and pretty much abandoned.” [David Beebe, commenting on Poking Around in Buffalo Bayou’s Abandoned Basement]

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  • Roaches? I didn’t leave them out. I just didn’t see any — as in, not one. No living creatures at all, except us humans. The place smelled clean, like fresh water.

    I wonder where those roaches went…. and (ugh) what they were eating down there in the ’80s.

  • Wish we would have known about that place back then. For urban adventure and the best night-time views of downtown, we use to climb to the tops of the abandoned rice/grain elevators which were along Montrose, to the north of Memorial.

  • Gee, back in that day, we ran the steam tunnels at Rice for fun.

  • Wow way to date yourselves…back in my day, I hung out on Washington with all the other DB’s.