Repairs Done, Wedge as It Was

REPAIRS DONE, WEDGE AS IT WAS The Swamplot reader who noted a color change in the panels at the top of the WEDGE International Tower at Louisiana and Bell St. downtown last week informs us that they’ve since been returned to their original appearance, and submits this pic from a perch at the Tellepsen YMCA a couple of blocks away to prove it: “Presumably, as one of the commenters surmised, they were just running through some routine maintenance.” We now return to our regularly scheduled Swamplot programming. Photo: Swamplot inbox

One Comment

  • Maybe they didn’t want a repeat of 3400 Montrose which sits empty and is literally falling apart.
    I wish something could be done to bring that Montrose building back to life. Its sad to see it sitting there empty. The city needs to find a way to work with a person/group to get it up and running again. Yeah it’s not perfect, or up to 2012 standards, but making any improvements would be better than what’s going on now.
    Whenever I look at that place, and think of why no one does anything, I’m reminded of the quote “Perfect is the enemy of good”. I understand the good intentions of the city, but so often they result in the opposite effect. :(