Comment of the Day: The Little Rule Houston Strip-Center Developers Forgot

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE LITTLE RULE HOUSTON STRIP-CENTER DEVELOPERS FORGOT “Setback is from edge of right-of-way, not edge of pavement. The original building was on the lot line. Chapter 42 allows for buildings lines of 5′ (even 0′ in some cases) for commercial developments with parking in rear. See 42-154. Diagrams here and here.” [Angostura, commenting on The Retail That’s Replacing the Razed Heights Baptist Temple Buildings] Illustration: Lulu

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  • That only applies when the right of way is 80 feet or less. I am pretty sure that 20th would have a right of way of 100 ft as it is a major thoroughfare.

  • Geez, who choses these comments???? This? was the best comment and the second best used a crass pejorative to illustrate what he found best about owning a home. Seriously?

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    You need to start your very own blog, then you can pick and choose your very own comment of the day.

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  • @Multiple name poster. Perhaps you should adopt the moniker “Sybil”. If it wasn’t worthy of a comment, why did you feel compelled to comment? Honestly, I think “commonsense” has a better grasp on reality than you.
    I’m with you on this one Pyewacket2.

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  • #1:
    20th Street IS classified as a major thoroughfare, but has 70-foot ROW. See here: