Comment of the Day: The Most Obvious Sign of Success in Houston

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE MOST OBVIOUS SIGN OF SUCCESS IN HOUSTON “To this day, I still remember looking out from my downtown office over a lush carpet of green trees and seeing ‘SUCCESS RICE’ emblazoned in bright red on white on the side of a large grain silo close to downtown –– maybe on Center street. It really was a neat, giant piece of history and an everyday reminder of time and place. As I moved jobs, I could always find one part of the floor downtown where I could peek out the window and see SUCCESS RICE. And daydream: ‘Hey, [I’m] successful!’ This . . . was in the innocent pre-Enron days. . . .” [jpsivco, commenting on Goodbye, Uncle Ben: East Side Silos Are Coming Down] Photo: Daniel Pagan

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