Comment of the Day: The Nottingham Forests of the Future

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NOTTINGHAM FORESTS OF THE FUTURE “. . . it is amazing how that works in Houston. Same house, probably same builder, same sort of subdivision when it was new. If that same oil and gas junior executive had bought the same new house back in ‘70 in Nottingham Forest, he’d be looking at a $450K + pay day. It will be interesting to see which areas developed in the most recent boom will be the Nottingham Forests and which ones will be more like this subject. Any speculations out there??” [subprimelandguy, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Houston Highlands]

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  • Yes this house plan is so ubiquitous; we’ve seen it all over the place!
    (and the balcony looks great with Christmas lights…)

    Regarding the NGG, only the backyard pines could indicate the general region –
    Cypress to Humble.
    But the actual NEIGHBORHOOD? sheesh! one would have to be a psychic.

  • Nottingham Forest was built in the mid-1960s. We moved into the hood in 1965, the 5 bed/3.5 baths went for aobut 39,500 to 49,500 depending on square footage etc.

  • There is no place like Nottingham Forest. I have lived all over the city and have been in N.F. for about 6 yrs. It is a true “community” where neighbors care about one another and kids play games in the cul de sacs, moms coming out only to call them in for dinner. The club in the back of the neighborhood is a major draw; it brings people together in a way that many other neighborhood pools cannot. Since it is a private club & not tied into homeowner dues, there is a pride of ownership taken that really makes it a special place.
    This neighborhood is a place you can live & still feel like it is the 1960s–kids playing, moms & dads hanging out in the front yard, and neighbors helping each other.