05/23/14 11:00am

$4 MILLION BUYS YOU THIS NORTH HOUSTON HOME AND 35 OTHERS KINDA LIKE IT 826 Bandon Ln., Remington Ranch, HoustonThis 2005-vintage 1,755-sq.-ft. home at 826 Bandon Ln. in Remington Ranch is just 2.8 percent of the residential wonderfulness you’ll get if you plunk down $4 million for a “package” of 36 homes in North Houston and Spring posted on MLS recently. That averages out to more than $110K each; The seller isn’t identified, but a company called Darland Partners, Ltd. owns a total of 24 properties (including this one) in Harris County; it paid $80,000 for the home pictured above in September of 2012. [HAR]

04/10/09 4:32pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE NOTTINGHAM FORESTS OF THE FUTURE “. . . it is amazing how that works in Houston. Same house, probably same builder, same sort of subdivision when it was new. If that same oil and gas junior executive had bought the same new house back in ‘70 in Nottingham Forest, he’d be looking at a $450K + pay day. It will be interesting to see which areas developed in the most recent boom will be the Nottingham Forests and which ones will be more like this subject. Any speculations out there??” [subprimelandguy, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: The Houston Highlands]

04/09/09 7:18pm

Which one of you just won a night at La Torretta Del Lago?

We’ll get to that in a moment. But first, a recap of your guesses for this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game. The most popular locations were Nottingham Forest (6 guesses), the Energy Corridor (4), and Spring Shadows (3). Thornwood, Kingwood, Nottingham Country, Lakeside Forest, and Barker’s Landing got two guesses each. The rest: Crestwood, Rice Military, Camp Logan, off Dairy Ashford, near Terry Hershey Park, Wilchester, Westchester, “Dairy Ashford/Wilcrest area,” “the Ponderosa Forest area (1960/Kuykendahl),” Ponderosa Forest, Newport subdivision in Crosby, Briargrove, Tanglewood, Memorial, Spring Branch, Shadow Oaks, Sherwood Oaks, “Braeswood/Bellefontaine area, sorta south West-U-ish,” “north of Memorial, south of I-10 . . . between Gessner and Kirkwood,” Montrose, “one of those out-there, almost Energy Corridor, Memorial Villages,” Nottingham Forest 8, Clear Lake, “the Spring Branch/Shadows area between the Beltway and Gessner in the vicinity of Hammerly Blvd.,” Memorial Meadows, Shepherd Park Plaza, “around the Bear Creek Park area,” Ashford Forest, Olde Oaks, Baytown, Memorial Villages, Hedwig Village, “that bit of Houston proper between Bunker Hill & Gessner above Memorial,” Lakeside Estates, Lakeside Place, Briargrove Park, Walnut Bend, Nottingham, Nottingham West, Memorial Northwest, “somewhere between Gessner, Memorial and I-10,” Champions, Greenwood Forest, College Station, “older Champions, south of 1960, Greenwood Forest, Theall Rd. runs through the area,” “somewhere off Memorial View Drive, just west of Eldridge and Memorial,” “that little old neighborhood . . . tucked in between Memorial Oaks Cemetery and Hershey Park . . . could be a little further west off Barker’s Landing (closer to Hwy 6),” “in the middle of the 1960/Champions/249 asteroid belt . . . a block or two from Champions Forest Shopping Center,” “I45 and Cypresswood, near Spring High School,” “the neighborhood bordered by Kempwood and Hammerly and Campbell and Gessner in Spring Branch,” Memorial and Dairy Ashford, Sharpstown, and Bellaire.

Did you leave anything out?

The winner of an overnight stay with breakfast for two in a Tower suite at the La Torretta Del Lago Resort & Spa on Lake Conroe is . . . Rachel, who sprung this wandering guess on us:

I grew up in a house similar to this style too of Wilcrest and Memorial. How I loved going to the neighborhood pool during the summer. Many have already guessed that area so I am going to guess elsewhere…Hmmm the multiple locks on the front door does translate to either a nervous home owner or an area of town which isn’t the safest. I think my Mom has those exact same chairs in the pictured in the livingroom, she has had her’s reapolstered…All along I45 there are some smaller older neighborhoods closer to the freeway. I would say the Huntsville area, but there aren’t enough pine trees in the backyard…I will go with I45 and Cypresswood, near Spring High School.

Congratulations — and enjoy your stay! Also very close, with guesses of Ponderosa Forest, were Jeff and David. David takes special honors this week for this compelling walkthroughand guess:

I can see why so many are drawn to Kickerillo and the Energy Corridor. I feel like I know this house. Come in the front door, wainscoting in the foyer, formal living on the left, formal dining on the right with a bay window. Continue through to the paneled den with corner fireplace to the left and further to the left the downstairs master on the front and master bath toward the back past all the built-ins. Kitchen and breakfast on the right in the back. Period porcelain pulls on the dark stained kitchen cabinets. Walk through a utility room to the detached garage connected by a breezeway. Office is an upstairs bedroom on the right side front of the house with a door out to the upstairs balcony with a wrought iron railing. Probably four bedrooms up with hollywood baths. I bet there is a pocket door between the dining room and the kitchen.

I don’t think it is in the Energy Corridor, though. Some details are Kickerillo but some don’t seem right like the bay window around the tub. It is the right aluminum framed variety from that era but I don’t remember any houses like that. Kickerillo did some other developments – I am going with Ponderosa Forest due to the lack of recent updates and a feeling in my gut.

Very nice. But probably better to go with this gut feeling:


08/18/08 1:26pm

Baling Hay at Bush Intercontinental Airport

The Houston Airport System has found its first customer for some of those bales of hay you’ve seen lining roads leading to IAH. The hay-harvesting project began as a pilot using contractors 2 years ago, but airport employees are now doing the work.

Of the 10,000 acres that comprise IAH, 250 acres are presently being used to harvest hay and 50 of the 2,500 acres at EFD are being used.

Right now most of the hay is a low grade Bermuda grass mainly used to feed livestock such as cattle. . . .

When the hay project is finally in full swing some 2,000 acres of land at IAH and EFD will be used to grow hay, providing a projected revenue source of roughly $4 million dollars a year. Cutting and baling at the airports this year will continue until the fall.

500 round bales at IAH and 400 square ones at Ellington Field are currently available.

Photo: Houston Airport System