Comment of the Day: The Principled Logic Behind the Bathroom Boom

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE PRINCIPLED LOGIC BEHIND THE BATHROOM BOOM “Easy explanation. In high-end homes, builders want every [bedroom] to have its own [bathroom] . . . assuming no one wants to share a bathroom, and you don’t want to roam down the hall at night in your jammies. Plus, you need extra baths (or half-baths) in the public areas (living, dining, etc.). It’s always desirable to have at least one bathroom per floor to avoid sending guests too far from the action (and keeping them from “roaming at will” to snoop through the closets or jewelry drawers. With these new rules, you can easily have many more bathrooms than bedrooms, especially as houses are getting taller in the urban areas.” [Beaker, commenting on Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Flue Shot]

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  • I can understand having a “convenience” on every floor in these multi-story monstrosities. But wouldn’t walking up and down the stairs be akin to you know “exercise”?

  • miss_msry, you are correct but as our little weekend cabin has one bathroom downstairs and all beds upstairs, I can appreciate the need for conveniences on each floor.

    I absolutely hate having to stumble down the stairs during the night when I’m half asleep but still need to “go”.

    Of course, I prefer the stumble over the alternative.

  • I grew up in a 3 story house, with my bedroom on the 3rd floor and the bathroom on the first floor. It is DEFINITELY a good idea to have at least one bathroom per floor.
    That said, I don’t understand why Jack and Jill bathrooms fell out of favor. In mid-range houses; even some starter homes, it would make sense to share a bathroom like that. You save money and space from not having two bathrooms and you get the benefit of a door directly from the bedroom to the bathroom.

  • As someone who lived in a 1 bath home for 23 years, I was so glad when we retired and moved to the beach, where once again, we had a 1 bath house. I made the hubby build a second one, because after all these years our “needs” seem to be in synch. Worth every penny.