Comment of the Day: The Secret Chickens Near Downtown

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE SECRET CHICKENS NEAR DOWNTOWN “There are at least 2 coops very close to downtown, but they are hidden enough that you would never know they are there unless you walk right next to them. As recently as 2009, there were a couple roosters (from yet another, third location) that would roam the streets almost daily. I guess someone complained. This all happened less than 5 blocks from downtown.” [eiioi, commenting on Chicken Ordinance Has Hens for Houston Seeing Way Too Much Red]

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  • When I moved into the 1800 block of Colquitt in 1988, a person in the next block had about 25 fighting Cocks in his yard. A few laying hens would have been a Godsend. There is a lot to be said for gentrification.

  • I would rather live near a chicken coop than a hipster with a big subwoofer and no common sense.

  • Friends of mine kept chickens in their backyard in the Heights for years. The neighbors either didn’t know or didn’t care about the code violation. Eventually a stray dog or a coyote came by and took care of the situation.

  • The very friendly rooster who lived at the law office on Louisiana @ Gray would often times go West to Starbucks on Smith, walking proudly back and forth on the sidewalk almost demanding food from Starbuck’s customers sitting outside. He was fearless, but one night he fell into Starbuck’s grease trap (which was uncovered) and died a terrible death trapped in their
    grease trap on W Gray. Starbucks has not
    replaced the rooster

  • To John – You’ve got your stereotypes mixed up….Hipsters wouldn’t use sub woofers.

  • @Lauren tell that to my hipster neighbor! (Please!)