Comment of the Day: The Supermarket Standstill in Timbergrove

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE SUPERMARKET STANDSTILL IN TIMBERGROVE “Outside of internal remodels, they can’t do anything with the [H-E-B] Pantry location [at T.C. Jester and 18th St.] except leave it. The Shopping center along with the one located across the bayou (old K-Mart) are located in the Floodway (not just floodplain). There isn’t much they can do [to] those [sites.] HEB would need an entirely new location.” [kjb434, commenting on Buffalo Modern: The New H-E-B in West U]

One Comment

  • They may not be able to remodel it but they can at least keep the store and parking lot much cleaner and carry product brands that aren’t just approved for food stamps. The standards of this store pale by comparison to many of the other HEB stores.

    Come one HEB, there is big potential in the Greater Heights, Timbergrove Manor, Garden Oaks & Lazybrook neighborhoods. In fact, a very visible property in need of a huge makeover is Northwest Mall. I’m sorry I mean Northwest Centre. C’mon Levcor do something with this property already. It just keeps rotting away.