Comment of the Day: They’re Coming for South End Villa

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THEY’RE COMING FOR SOUTH END VILLA The South End Villa Bermuda Triangle“This little wedge of land south of 59 and between Montrose and Main is like the Bermuda Triangle of Houston. It’s not part of the street grid, and there are no roads that connect through it. Few Houstonians probably even know there’s anything back there. There are interesting 80+ year old houses, dead end snippets of roads, and well kept old garden apartments. It’s a very sleepy little wedge of the City. It was inevitable that that would change, given the proximity of this spot to downtown, Rice, the Museum District, Montrose, etc.” [Semper Fudge, commenting on Here’s Chelsea Montrose, Another 20-Story Apartment Tower for the Museum District] Illustration: Lulu

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  • I’m just happy to learn that the wedge has a name.

  • Will be interesting to see if the new 288/59 highway interchange will affect this area. The new toll lanes will require a set of long ramps going every which way.

  • @Superdave
    I seriously doubt it. For one 288 is nearly a mile away from this mystery triangle. Secondly, a drainage retention area along US59 pretty much prevents any freeway encroachment along the northern edge as well, and any expansion of the 288/45 interchange would likely have to be handled east of Main St. I would love to see that portion of elevated 59 dug down, similar to the signature section farther west, and remove this urban eyesore in this up and coming area.