Comment of the Day: We’re from Stucco, and We’ve Come To Take Your Home

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WE’RE FROM STUCCO, AND WE’VE COME TO TAKE YOUR HOME “Just an obervation: almost every teardown pictured lately has an italianate townhome or house behind it. Is stucco the new grim reaper for Houston real estate? I mean, it’s not as bad of an omen as the angry french fry, but seems to be more prominent as of late.” [Stating the Obvious, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Beverlyhill Bullies]

One Comment

  • Yup, happening all over 1st ward. The worse part is when the developers mix it up with hardiplanks. Not only do they mix it with hardiplanks, but spread the hardiplanks from end to end with no overlap. Making them look like trailer homes turned up high. Maybe the developers are trying to keep a little bungalow in their design, Ha!