Comment of the Day: You Can’t Buy Home Again

COMMENT OF THE DAY: YOU CAN’T BUY HOME AGAIN “Real estate is more than new builds and teardowns, permits and profits. Real estate touches our lives in a very special way. I still remember like it was yesterday riding my homemade go cart down the hill at the end of our street in our little subdivision in the east where I lived as a little kid. I fondly remember lying on the warm driveway after coming home from a cold morning’s swim class and seeing the tulips pop up through the last of the winter’s snow in the front yard. Decades later, I returned to the neighborhood and was surprised at how small and cruddy the houses were compared to what you can get for 300k in Houston. And then I saw that my old 1800 sq ft colonial was listed for 600k. . . .” [Old school, commenting on Neighborhood of My Youth, Demolished Erased: Signs of Poetry in the First Ward]

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  • And that’s what we have to look forward to? How about “no, thanks”?

  • So true, Old school. I’m sure the townhouses on Mandell near Castle Court are quite nice, but what could ever compare to the story of the house formerly on the site that housed Hugo the gorilla? Thanks to a friend who lived nearby, seeing him remains one of my most vivid memories after over 40 years.