M.D. Anderson’s Big Step Over the Bayou

Here’s the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s massive new 1MC (for “Mid Campus Building 1”) at 7007 Bertner Ave., just a short hop into the medical frontier south of Brays Bayou. 25 stories, 1.4 million sq. ft., $350 million. All to consolidate various leasing tenants from 8 sites around the Med Center, plus get some space for future expansion. Swamplot reader Stephen J. Alexander hopped from parking garage to parking garage to capture these views:


The view over the bayou, with Thermal Energy Corp.’s hot-and-cold-water facility in the foreground:

And a panoramic view from the upper deck of the new building’s garage, looking back north over the bayou, to the main TMC campus (captions here, larger view here):

Photos: Stephen J. Alexander [license for panorama only]

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  • So awesome…

  • I especially like Thermal Energy’s camouflage panel on the rounded corner of the hot-cold H2O facility. The graphic design is quite nice.Way better than the typical no imagination ,boring,cheap minded bare,untreated concrete most developers use !!!

  • Anyone know what is going on with the new Baylor building sitting on the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Cambridge?? Its still sitting vacant.

  • @cody @oh la la thanks for the comments!

    the “rounded panel” is a giant tank of some kind – it’s skin is built from painted sheet metal sheets. I believe they built it first and painted after, but my memory may be faulty. I don’t really know what the tank is for… you can see another perspective of it on the right hand end of the panorama photo, though.