Colorful Cottage on Colquitt Ready To Host Well-Attended Pool Parties

How many games of saltwater volleyball have actually been played in the backyard pool of this opened-up 1938 cottage at one of Colquitt’s stub ends? Inside, walls have been removed in the main living space, and colors let loose. Still: 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, in 2,338 sq. ft. Plus, whatever you play in the back, all those folks in the 5-story Upper Kirby Apartments across Morningside looking down on you from their neighborhood-side windows will no doubt be jealous that you get that backyard space all to yourselves. More pics:


Home was listed for sale just last week, for $387,000.

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  • ‘Way fun.
    Nice to see a home being exuberantly enjoyed like that.

  • Bolder color choices than I’d make but that’s a great space.

  • What fun! Like living in your own happy terrarium. Nicely done.

  • I’ve always loved this house from the street. Hope the new owners keep the fun landscaping out front.

  • Nice house. I would break the big red couch in the living room with throw pillows hinted with red but with a broad color scheme to tone down the contrast.

    Something like this:

  • A+ place all around, except for the boring ceramic tile in the kitchen.

  • Oy Vey !!! The too bright blue kitchen counters are NOT a good choice for food prep ( scientific studies have PROVEN blue is NOT a good color for kitchens / plates – it kills the appetitie ) and the puke lime green in the dining /living rooms are vile,as is the margarita green in the study. Blues and greens are good colors for the bedroom,as they’re soothing /tranquil colors. Otherwise I like the house,especially the backyard/pool area…You know the apt. dwellers next door are envious /wish they could use the pool. C’est la vie !

  • Nice execution!

    What is the advantage of saltwater pools?

    Terrific little home.

  • This house is terrific and will make a great home for the new owners. It happens to be the home of my good friends and the colors, especially the exterior, always make me smile. They may not be everyone’s color choice, but paint is cheap and an easy way to make the place your own. @Joyce, I agree with the fun landscaping. I’ve always loved it and the cute fence.

  • Wow! Fantastic house! We are transplants to Houston in the middle of house hunting. Can someone tell me about this neighborhood? Is it family friendly? Good schools? Strong sense of community? Friendly people?

  • Christie, I live across Shepherd. The neighbhorhood that this house is in seems pretty quiet. I think you’re zoned to Poe, which is a popular school that most parents seem to like. Location is great. I can’t speak to the sense of community; in my own neighborhood everybody is very, very friendly but many keep long hours with work. Most homeowners don’t have children but nobody holds that fact against me. :)