Criminal Charges for I-45’s Newest FiancÉ

CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR I-45’S NEWEST FIANCÉ She said yes, but HPD said no — Vidal Valladares will be charged for obstructing southbound I-45 on Sunday, blocking traffic just south of I-10 for less than a minute to pop the question to his girlfriend in front of a downtown backdrop. HPD spokesman Victor Senties said Tuesday morning that while HPD is “happy for the couple, this is not something we would want to encourage anyone to do.” Valladares could face as much as $2,000 in fines and up to 6 months in jail for the grand gesture (footage of which — shown above — went viral on Instagram before it was taken down). Valladares is not the first person to orchestrate a temporary freeway shutdown to propose: hundreds of bikers shut down I-10 west of Los Angeles for a friend’s proposal in 2013, complete with a cloud of pink smoke generated by burnout of a custom tire. [Houston Chronicle, Los Angeles Times] Video: Michelle Wycoff

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  • “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really [dangerous] and stupid gesture.” – Otter

  • What if an ambulance had been stopped en route to the hospital? An organ transplant en route to the hospital? I hope he gets the entire 6 months and the fine. This look at me culture has to end.

  • What happened to just proposing while exposing yourself in a Denny’s? Kids these days.

  • He’ll most likely get probation and some community service. I hope his community service is to wash hobo urine stained underpasses in EaDo.

  • What I would give to have been in one of those cars trying to navigate around them on the shoulder. They would’ve remembered me forever.

  • I hope he is sentenced to reading a pdf of every comment Commondense has ever made here.

    He’ll be confessing to being Osama Bin Laden’s right hand man, the second shooter on the Grassy Knoll, and the mastermind behind the Lindberg Baby Kindnapping in NO TIME !!!

  • This guy probably has a selfie stick. Seems the type.

  • XCellKen – Please clarify for me. Was that some lame attempt at being funny?

  • Let’s just all pray their marriage and the friendship of their accomplices burn in the flames of their ignorance and selfishness.

  • DJC, it’s simple, I have many groupies, and this one has a crush on me.

  • DJC;

    Please clarify for me. Are you just a sock puppet account for Commondense ???

  • Yes, it all makes sense. You ARE a sock puppet account. In fact, I have it on good authority that DJC stands for Don’t Joke ’bout Commondense.

    You’d think a brave guy like Commondense, who once bragged how he beats up homeless people, wouldn’t have to hide behind a sock puppet account, but whatever

  • XCellKen, I see now you’re a huge fan, you’re referring to my post about Bum Fights videos SEVERAL YEARS AGO. I’m so proud that my statements resonate with people for years to come, I could shed a tear.

    As long as we’re on the subject of homelessness in Houston… The bums you see on the street ore not “homeless” they are professional panhandlers, con artists so to speak. Since there’s a plethora of services for them from public and private entities, they choose their lifestyle. Since their lifestyle is a choice, then their whole existence is Theft of Societal Resources. They take without producing, the damage property, the accost and in many cases assault people. The solution is not to build more shelters wasting our tax dollars, the solution is to criminalize panhandling and vagrancy and the problem will be gone (or at least move to Commiefornia).

  • I have a hard time imagining you actually produce much either based on the quality of what you post here.

  • yay, a comment war! I’ve missed Swamplot.

  • @ commonsense: I was involved in censusing the homeless population beneath the very highways about which you speak. The procedure is carried out right as the clock strikes midnight on Census Day, immediately after the homeless shelter intake has been accounted for. I can affirm that yes, some people actually do live and sleep under there even when they’re provided with other options. Only a handful were awake. Of those awake, most were obviously substance abusers but were not aggressive at all. Only one individual was an assertive beggar, but he wasn’t really under the freeway so much as in its general vicinity. I didn’t see any evidence of property damage in the area or feel threatened in any way — although certainly they fertilize it in their special way. Watch your step.

    I also did part of Midtown later that same night and that’s another matter altogether. That WAS uncomfortable. The people on the street in Midtown at that hour are really messed up and dangerous. Homeless people were also present.

  • You’re not kidding about the midtown crowd. My wife and I had our wedding reception at the Nouveau Art Bar (amazing location btw) and at the end of the night decided to take the train to our hotel. Not the best walk to make alone, while drunk, in wedding clothes. Was pretty funny though when we finally got on the train. “Hello darkness my old friend…”