Crosswalks Give Red Light Walkers The Finger in Midtown, Eastwood

CROSSWALKS GIVE RED LIGHT WALKERS THE FINGER IN MIDTOWN, EASTWOOD Holman at San Jacinto streets, Midtown, Houston, 77004The DON’T WALK hand at the corner of Holman and San Jacinto streets has been straightened out after a post-paint spree of flipping the bird to pedestrians, Steve Romo reports this week. The offending intersection is home to a number of HCC buildings and the parking lot behind recently departed Adkins Architectural Antiques, as well as a retail strip;  Romo notes that his news team tracked down at least one other similarly altered sign over at the intersection of S. Lockwood Dr. and Leland St., near the Learn & Grow Academy daycare and Houston Fire Station 18.  The city tells Romo it’s not the first time this kind of paint job has shown up around town (nor is it a uniquely Houston occurrence), and that the graffiti is a quick fix but diverts city resources, adding that folks should let 311 know if any more intersection signals are rude to them. [ABC13] Photo of signal at Holman and San Jacinto streets: Kate Erin C.

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  • This was the lead story on KTRK’s 5pm newscast. I only turned it on because their helicopter was flying over my neighborhood and I wondered what was going on. This is why I no longer watch local TV news. There must be thousands of things going on around town that are more important than this bit of seventh-grade vandalism.

  • oh, yes, no doubt there is another shooting in “southwest Houston”.

  • what, do you want the news to report on?
    certainly Clinton received more donations from wallstreet that she’d rather people didn’t look at.
    obviously Trump said something revolting that offended many people.
    everyone knows Clinton is run by wall street, and Trump is offensive, why waste more time talking about it on the news?