Architectural Antiques Shop Leaves 1917 Brick and Mortar Spot, Embraces the Digital Age

Adkins Architectural Antiques, 3515 Fannin St., Midtown, 77004

Closing Sale Sign at Adkins Architectural Antiques, 3515 Fannin St., Midtown, 77004 A reader noted these notes near the door of the former home of Adkins Architectural Antiques, which had been operating out of the 100-ish-year-old house at 3515 Fannin (at the corner with Berry St.). The shop is rebranding as Adkins Antique Hardware Co. and retreating from the realm of physical architecture to a fully digital storefront. The company’s inventory also looks to be shifting away from bigger items like salvaged doors and windows to focus in on the little things — like knobs, pulls, and hinges, both old and old-looking. Per the new website, you might still be able to get an in-person appointment as the closing sale wraps up.

The property itself was listed for lease on LoopNetabout 2 weeks ago, under its HCAD alter ego of 1103 Berry. The house and its early-1990s warehouse are the only structures on the block, which otherwise serves as parking lot. CBRE’s leasing flier aerial (below) shows the space bathed in green highlighting, in place between the Ensemble Theater, several Houston Community College buildings, that Holman-St.-facing strip center, and the Downtown Pregnancy Help Center (thought the fact that it doesn’t show much progress on the recently-wrapped MATCH building dates the shot):


CBRE Leasing Flier for 3515 Fannin St.

Photos: Alan Ainsworth (signage), CBRE (top and bottom)

Out with the Old in Midtown

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  • That was the last architectural salvage joint in town. Maybe Lynn at Historic Houston can open up again.
    Just shows that Houston apparently isn’t a place where people restore old structures in enough quantity or frequency to support even a single such establishment.

  • From the inside, it is a very neat building that still retains a lot of the original features of a wealthy person’s house back in the day…original stained glass, a grand staircase, quarter sawn wood floors, etc. I hope to God it does not get torn down.

    Also, will miss having a place to go get parts for antique mortise locksets. They had the best selection around, and it was easy to go in and shop for what you needed.

  • Nice house, I’ve been several times to that house/store, what a great old building. I wish I could live in it. I’m just glad that they are not tearing it down!


  • The Historic Houston warehouse is still open if you get a membership with them. Though when they were open to the public I was not impressed with their pricing.

  • Dana-X, Historic Houston has a salvage warehouse open again; It is only open to members though. Not sure what Adkin’s prices were like, but HH is awful pricey, especially given the variable quality of products they have. If anyone else knows of a salvage warehouse within a few hours of Houston please comment – my renovation-emptied-wallet would appreciate it!

  • @Carrie, there’s a huge architectural salvage warehouse in Gonzales, TX:

  • Adkins Antique Hardware is now open 3 days a week in our warehouse location @ 6303-B Mayfair, 77087 – off the South Loop and Long Dr in SE Houston. We’re mostly hardware but have a few leftovers from the store.
    10am – 4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday –

  • Will larger pieces like street lamps still be available ?