Daily Demolition Report: Adobe Creative Cloud

Yes, we’re taking down the whole enchilada:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1302 Milford St.: HAR

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  • Well, darn. 1302 Milford’s kinda pretty.

  • 2 in Old Braeswood in 1 day? That must be a first

  • I find it really interesting to see these… would be cool if there was a map included showing pins dropped for all locations listed each day, to show where they all are. Just a thought :)

  • Here’s a website that provides address-list mapping: http://mapalist.com/
    Not sure where else to discuss this, but does someone know anything about the construction at 1515/1601 Woodhead? I drove by there yesterday and was surprised by the size of the house that’s being built on the combined lots. HCAD has two pending records for 1601 Woodhead.

  • 1302 Milford is still standing as of yesterday.