Daily Demolition Report: Bartlett Pared

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

One that would have the fruit must demolish the buildings.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1116 Bartlett St.: HAR

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  • Rip, there goes some more affordable housing.

  • RIP, there goes some more historic, affordable housing.
    Montrose’s buxom multi-family matrons from the flapper era are being replaced. These were unpretenious, sturdy, classy dames. The replacements generally are the opposite.

  • Oh look. An affordable four unit apartment building is being demolished to make way for two million dollar townhomes and everyone’s going to go on and on about how ITL HouTon needs to get denser in order to become affordable.

  • Well, the small complex on the corner of Bartlett and Mt. Vernon (think it had about twenty small units) was smashed and replaced by really shoddily built town homes that still haven’t completely sold. At least not the last time I drove by. The real shame will be when Museum Gardens at 1123 Bartlett goes, the hapless victim of a succession of slumlords. Somewhat surprised that 1116 is gone, it seemed in pretty good shape, from the exterior anyway, and had steady tenants. All I see is duplexes, quadplexes, and garden complexes that have stood for decades being destroyed and fewer people living in bigger spaces that aren’t built to last. So, no, I’m not buying the ‘gotta knock down the old sturdy stuff for fancy new density’.

  • @ ZAW: I used to drive, cycle, or walk/jog/walk/jog past this place multiple times just about every day. I have some sentimental attachment to it. I’m not really happy to see it go, but then I never had any money tied up in it. I didn’t build, repair, maintain or clean it. I never lived there. I never sacrificed a thing specifically in order to observe it in passing, by chance, by virtue of its location along my route. I don’t know how many people live there now, or that ever have. In all the times I passed by, I never once even so much as laid eyes upon an occupant. Had I, realistically, perhaps I would’ve shared a nod with them. More likely, my passing would’ve gone unacknowledged.
    For this building to be torn down and a new one (or new ones) built in it’s place…well, probably it’ll be a more efficient use of the land area in terms of living area. It probably won’t have as many people living there, but stranger things have happened. In this neighborhood, it is possible (not likely, as is rarely the case) that the structure(s) will be architecturally unique. And probably in 70 or 80 years, if it’s still there, people will view what’s there through somebody’s lens of nostalgia. Or perhaps the new building will have been recycled into a newer building, fueling somebody else’s identity and ambitions, and their presence in the community or lack thereof; and that would be somebody that hasn’t even been born yet.
    Whatever. All real estate and contract law aside, I never owned any of that neighborhood or this City…I just borrowed a moment in time from it. That is all. Same goes for you and everybody else that is *actually* involved in this news. I choose to get over it, as that seems to be healthier than the alternative.

  • HCAD shows this as a duplex. From the exterior it sure looks like a fouplex….

    May I propose a $1000 a toilet bounty to be offered by Harris County to snitches, for unreported bathrooms. They should get that back in few years of added taxes. And while they are at it, a $5000 bounty on “homesteaders” who have been living in, say, Nebraska for 7 years. There’s plenty of those around. Just ask your mailman.