New Cantilevered Retail Strip Shown Hanging Out in Michaelangelo’s Westheimer Spot

A double-decker strip center appears to be planned for 307 Westheimer Rd., which for just shy of 5 decades has been home to Avondale Italian restaurant and house-with-a-tree-in-it Michaelangelo’s. Michaelangelo’s, Inc., sold the property in March to an entity tied to the CEO of Habitat Construction, and a 2,000-sq.-ft. space in the proposed replacement building is currently for lease. Renderings for the strip label the over-the-edge top floor as set aside for a fitness business, and call for a restaurant to take over most of the street level (noting that another tenant has already staked out a small section of the ground floor floorplan):


Most of the parking for the strip looks to be slated for the back — though a few spaces are shown helping to fill in some of the 25-ft. setback out front. The space is advertised as a mere 404 yards away from the not-yet-built Midtown Whole Foods. (Not prominently touted: its position right across Westheimer from perennially up-for-lease Montrose nightclub Numbers.)

Images: NewQuest Properties (rendering and siteplan); Michaelangelo’s (photo)

Rising Above Parking Requirements

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  • Strips centers with 2 floors and creative crazy architecture are rare..and goofy-looking is welcome too.

  • Now that is pretty fugly ….

    A design like this won’t be confused with something in Katy, but I think they can do much better with the design concept.

  • Is it me or did they conveniently hide the back stair in that rendering? Is anyone else seeing what I’m seeing here?

  • So sad to see my Favorite Italian place disappear. Have loved since the first day I went. Having been to Italy, it’s The Most authentic Italian food in Houston.

  • What about the currently dining-room-embraced tree? Are in for another swamplot-post-worth arboreal murder non-mystery?

  • dudes were bonging hard when they came up with that one no doubt

  • There is no need to make use of vertical floor space in such a manner if the pull the building closer to the street. Ch. 42-154 allows for significant reductions to the building line (0-5′) if they chose to opt in.

  • Wow that’s Fugly. And what would we do without those 4 parking spaces squeezed in the front. Oh Houston…