Daily Demolition Report: Bell Wringer

1134 Bayland St., Woodland Heights, Houston

A reappearance of a Bayland St. bungalow — and other Houston takedowns.



Photo of 1134 Bayland St.: HAR

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  • The previous 1134 Bayland demo was for some really badly done stuff in back; then the house went back on the market.

  • I give up. Saw the recliner, the Smokey, the city garbage cans but where’s the Wringer?

  • Lol. I was just allowed in that house to take out whatever I wanted. Glad it’s actually set for demo vs someone using me to pull a prank on a friend who might have been at work. :)

  • After the demo of the carport and stuff behind the Bayland house, last year’s buyers won an exemption from the setback from Studewood (house is on the Bayland x Studewood corner) for the expansion of the side and back of the house they were planning, then they got cold feet (I guess) and put the house back on the market.

    Too bad the cute little house is not going to survive the new developer buyer. The demo equipment rolled off a flatbed at the house about an hour ago.