Daily Demolition Report: Breaking River Oaks Glass

1810 Park St., Windsor Place, Houston

Knocking down the freeway-side home of Big Tex, and other smashing adventures:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1810 Park St.: HAR

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  • Wonder what they will be building there on Aftonshire.

  • Didn’t know that Pappas owned that little 2 story office building next to the restaurant. Guess that’ll be more parking.

  • Maybe they can demolish that whole hideous strip center east of 2219 Richmond while they’re at it ..

  • The Big Tex places were opened up by a Phoenix, AZ based company that grew palm trees. When the 2009 recession hit the housing market in Arizona and California collapsed, and with it their customer base, so they thought they’d try to sell some palms in better off (economically) Houston. Didn’t last all that long.

  • I wish that Park St house could be moved as opposed to wrecked.

  • I understand the economics, but many of these bungalows have been gobbled up by the same short list of realtors who have cannibalized this (and nearby) neighborhoods. Greedy.