The Astrodome Selfie Craze; The Same Old Complaints About Montrose

river oaks district

Photo of River Oaks District construction: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Hines is very experienced in developing buildings, obviously, so I find it hard to fathom them being so careless as to “damage” all these properties all around this San Felipe Project. Maybe it’s true, but then again maybe it’s just surrounded by people who never wanted this project and just want to cast this project in a bad light.

  • I imagine Hines has the same low opinion of the neighboring structures as you guys do. -“Why should I be careful not to mess up your junky house? It’s not worth anything, you can just buy a new one!”

  • Hines is one of the most respected Developers in the World. It really shows colossal ignorance of the company to assert that they would intentionally damage a property–No doubt if the damage can be substantiated, Hines will make restitution–end of story

  • Re: Montrose bitching

    “Music today isn’t nearly as pure as it was in my generation. Kids these days don’t know how to work, and have it too easy. Politicians are crooked, and this country is going down the drain.” -says Generation ____________

    Just plug in any generation and you have a complete statement.

  • Shannon who are you? Gerald Hines’ fluffer? Jeez you get all hot n bothered every time the name is mentioned. Go take a cold shower darlin’.

  • Well lah-dee-dah Mme. Hines! Nobody is going to scream “You did that on purpose!!” if something breaks, but if it does, well c’est la guerre!

  • Melanie, I worked for Hines when I first got out of UT, I know the kind of company it is–I could do worse than fluff a billionaire, dear.

  • I’ve “only” been in Montrose about 6 years but I’ve seen a HUGE change. Hell, even the last two years have brought about a giant change. The biggest being crazy money coming in and buying everything regardless of price.