New Local Foods in Former Taco Milagro on Kirby at Westheimer Kinda Almost Ready To Open Soon

NEW LOCAL FOODS IN FORMER TACO MILAGRO ON KIRBY AT WESTHEIMER KINDA ALMOST READY TO OPEN SOON Future Location of Local Foods, 2555 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, HoustonThe project manager from homebuilder Frasier Homes busy turning the interior of the shuttered patio-fronting Taco Milagro space at 2555 Kirby Dr. into a second location for Benjy Levit’s upscale sandwich shop Local Foods tells Eater Houston’s Darla Guillen that construction will likely be complete in a couple of weeks. How long after that before it opens for duck confit and falafel on wheat? “Shouldn’t be too far behind that completion date,” Guillen says an employee tells her. But we’re guessing they’ll take down the old Taco signage outside before then. Photos snapped of the corner shopping center space’s innards show a completed serving counter with display case and some colorful banquettes. The first Local Foods took over the former Antone’s space in the Rice Village in 2011. [Eater Houston; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Eater Houston

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  • Still love Local Foods – only complaint (I told the manager once, as well) is that they close at 7 or 8 on most nights, which prohibits me from eating there more frequently.

    There are also a lot of local spots in my hood that close at 7 pm most nights, which boggles my mind.

  • I like the Local Foods in Rice. I wouldn’t have ever gone there if I didn’t get a “free lunch” coupon from the Hannover property across the street.

    Good marketing on their part. I’ve been back several times since :)

    I’ll miss Taco Melagro. Lots of good memories. That was one of the places that pushed me into the loop when I first came to Houston and lived out by Beltway 8 and Westheimer.

  • Over priced, over hyped food….

  • I read an article yesterday that Downing Street next door is going non-smoking because of Local Foods coming in next door.

  • Downing Street needs to just move. That garage is a mess too. Find a nice spot somewhere near the midtown new developments. Or maybe i spot in the heights.

  • Downing Street should not be forced to accommodate these new tenants … going smoke-free on the patio is a nice compromise. The last time my party visited Benjys’ Village location we vowed we would never return .. they were incredibly rude, pushed us to leave so as to turn the table … this despite having ordered tons from the menu and multiple bottles of wine … greedy to the Nth. Screw Benjy.

  • Funny how when I drop into Benjy’s in the Village and go upstairs for a cocktail I find people outside on the deck…smoking.