Daily Demolition Report: Unbuilt Ford Tough

12310 Beauregard Dr., Frostwood, Houston

Taking away a big number on Montrose, and these little numbers around town:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 12310 Beauregard Dr.: HAR

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  • Is that “poly-stonal architecture” from decades ago? I thought that was a new phenomenon.

  • … but those might actually be stones, like, from the Earth.

  • Who was the architect of the home pictured? Mike Brady?…

  • Bi-stonal.

  • I thought bi-stonal was just a phase?

  • That house looks like all the houses in my neighborhood in NW Austin where I grew up. 70’s mod.

  • I use this cut through from Gessner to Memorial. It is a shame it is getting torn down, I always thought it was really cool entry sidewalk. There is already 3 previous tear downs on the street, was hoping this house would continue on.

  • Damn, I liked that house on Beauregard.

  • Wow, it’s official. 3400 Montrose on the demo report

  • Awww. That Beauregard house is kinda pretty. It has a strong design identity. HAR says 1960, and I can believe it, instead of the 1970s. I’ll bet whoever updated the floors, kitchen, and baths is none too happy to see it torn down.

  • Current noise has it that 411 Lovett will be torn down

  • Great news … bye bye 3400 Montrose … can’t be soon enough. When’s the demo? Too bad about 411 Lovett .. nice old house.

  • Those are real stones and St. Jo brick. Bruce Huvard was the architect. My parents bought it before it was finished and worked with him to change a few details. It had a tropical garden in the back and a series of sun gardens in the front. All in all, it was a really cool house that all my friends loved visiting.

  • Regarding 12310 Beauregard, it’s nice to see so many nice comments about a house that my family owned from 1962 to 2007. The stone is original to the house when it was built. All the wood is original as well. We knew that it would be a tear down when we sold it, but we hoped it would have new life, which it did for a few years more. I would have liked to see it kept, even in the middle of a tear down bonanza in the area. I can only hope that the tree in the right front will be kept! My brother rescued that “weed” from our back yard garden, and replanted it in it’s present location back in the early 1970’s. Again, I’m glad so many enjoyed the “cut through” from Gessner to Memorial and our home along the way.