Daily Demolition Report: Breakwood Fast

4013 Breakwood Dr., Townhouse Manor, Houston

The quicker we can knock these down, the quicker we can get back to our Zen practice.



Photo of 4013 Breakwood Dr.: HAR

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  • I looked at one of those Breakwood units about 4 years ago before setting on a townhouse in Westchase. The owner was in teh middel of replacing the carpet, so I could clearly see that it had about a 2 inch wide crack all the way through the foundation in the middle of the living room. You could practically see the dirt underneath the slab. Let’s just say I didn’t sign the lease…

  • Are those two Breakwood properties going to be developed as on single family?

  • I’m looking at this and wondering is 4011 Breakwood correct? It does not come up as a valid address on HCAD. I do see that 4013 is legally listed as 2 lots so maybe that is it. Can anyone verify?