Stay for Dinner at the Chillest Game Room Hot Tub in All of Houston

Hot Tub in Game Room, 9751 Guest St.,

9751 Guest St., Glenwood Forest, HoustonAnd now, 6 words from a listing likely to soften the hearts of potential homebuyers everywhere: “Working hot tub in game room.” To which, for this 3-bedroom 1970 home in Glenwood Forest, we should append an additional 3-word phrase to help everyone understand the larger picture here: “Dinner is served.”



Hot Tub in Game Room, 9751 Guest St.,

Hot Tub in Game Room, 9751 Guest St.,

Hot Tub in Game Room, 9751 Guest St.,

Also included: 2 gazebos in back yard. Asking price: $95K

Wet, Hot Meals Inside

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  • Wow, just when I thought that I have seen everything. Nothing like the smell of chlorine to wet the appetite.

  • Now that’s some classy ish right there.

  • Living the dream?

  • Maybe they just really love hot pot.

  • That is so unbelievably skanky.

  • Dinner theater!

  • Here’s a thought, why doesn’t the realtor subtly suggest that their client, oh I dunno, actually make the house presentable to a prospective buyer? I love the oddly-specific tastes we get to laugh at on here but you gotta wonder about any realtor that looks at this strange setup and doesn’t say something.

  • I was thinking fondue.

  • The really fun part is that the homeowner actually either closed in a garage or built an addition around the hot tub. Not really the kind of thing you can swing sideways to get through the doorway.

  • Honestly speechless, wow.

  • Hot and cold running hookers?

  • Mother: Why? It could be on the market for who knows how long. If a new owner doesn’t want the hottub in the house, they can remove it. If they don’t like something else, they can change it. No reason to make those changes before the sale.
    If the house is priced right for the location, that’s what matters. Not the room colors, picture quality, or spas in the living room.

    Just my opinion…

  • Boiled eggs and sausage?

  • Time warp back to the early 80s. Very weird.

  • Look at the place settings. They are not “Hey, lets watch the hookers play in the hot tub and eat chicken wings!” disposable stuff but more like “lets have a civilized meal with a few courses and wine while we watch the ladies relax in the sauna” place settings.

  • lol@vwgto..Something about this picture looks unsanitary.

  • I just want to know why the gazebos out back are chained up with padlocks. Was there a problem with squatters moving in??