Daily Demolition Report: Ciro Down?

Ciro’s Italian Grill, 9755 Katy Fwy., HoustonUpdate: A manager at Ciro’s Italian Grill says the restaurant is not going to be demolished.

It may be too late to discover Cleopatra’s secret on the Katy Freeway. In today’s report: a fun collection of I-10 casualties, all in a row.


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  • Ciro’s? For serious? They just built that place a few years ago and it’s always packed. Are they tearing down the Darque Tan attached to it, I wonder? I understand the other stuff — it’s been on the chopping block for ages — but Ciro’s is just plain bizarre.

  • This makes perfect sense. I’m guessing some large project is getting ready to spring up to replace this collection of I-10 businesses.

    Anybody have any info on what may be in the works?

  • kjb, it doesn’t make perfect sense to tear down Ciro’s. They’re part of a little “restaurant row” run by Metro National, including Denis’ Seafood and Guadalajara. They were just built. They’re busy. They have shuttle service running between the restauarants and the hospital, the mall and the office buildings in the surrounding area. They’re attached to another building that isn’t scheduled for demolition. The whole thing is just weird.

    It does, however, make perfect sense to tear down everything else on that list. That poor strip center has been struggling for years. From what I’ve read on HAIF, Bunker Hill is being widened and they’re going to replace the strip mall with a freestanding Nordstrom’s. That last part is a little suspect, but…I guess we’ll see. :)

  • Totally forgot to add…

    I called Ciro’s this morning to see what was up. The man who answered the phone said that they were open for business all day today and was unaware of any demolition activities going on. I told him he might want to check with his manager. Poor guy sounded quite flustered. :(

  • The land under the these places are worth a whole lot more to Metro National. The Shuttle service isn’t there from the kindness of Metro National’s hearts. They own the Mall and the Hospital. Shuttle patrons just makes sense. The location of these business that Metro National owns is part of there $700 million Memorial City make over.

    It makes even more sense now you mentioned Metro National owns it! They will be able to connect the Mall development to Bunker Hill. The Mall complex (which is supposed to get condos, large movie theater, and apartments will most likely stretch this way with businesses and restaurants. Memorial City Mall will have access from two exits of I-10.

  • I really have a hard time beleiving that Ciro’s will be torn down. Metronational just built it a few years ago. The Darque Tan that’s attached to it makes perfect sense to tear down though.

  • This is a manager at Ciro’s and WE WILL NOT BE DEMOLISHED!!! Whoever has released this information was misinformed and I we will be happy to see everyone today, tomorrow or any other day.

    Thank You,
    Ciro’s Management

  • Tim:

    Do you know anything about the status of Darque Tan? I think if they demolished it you’d do much better business. It kind of hides your building.

  • kjb, if you knew were Ciro’s was situated (right smack in between two other restaurants), you’d understand that it doesn’t make sense. I promise.

    The mall development/Metro National is already connected to I-10 via Bunker Hill. That’s what all that construction is behind the restaurants on Gaylord (from Bunker Hill all the way to the mall) — new office towers and lofts that are part of the entire Memorial City development.

    Anyway, I think the point is moot.

    p.s. The mall already has a large movie theatre. It opened a year ago.

  • Ok,

    It seems Metro National has put most of the components it has promised. The Aquarium is actually the last piece, but I haven’t ever got a confirmation if it was a pipe dream or reality. I’ve seen renderings of it going in the parking lot at the corner of Gessner and I-10. It would actually go up against the ice rink addition and connect to the new skybridge to the hospital.

    If Ciro’s isn’t demolished, then great! But the argument that something is new and doing good business doesn’t mean it necessarily escapes the dozers. Every lease can be bought out with the right amount of money.

    I follow the development out in the Memorial City area, but I don’t often get a chance to actually explore it.

  • @Tim,

    Thanks for making that clear!

    The information above comes directly from the sold permits report put out by the City of Houston. According to their report, Cherry Demolition has a permit to demolish Ciro’s Italian Grill at 9755 Katy Fwy. The project number is 08069457.

  • kjb, I’ve seen several renderings of what they’re going to put into that space to connect the skyway and the hospital, but nothing concrete yet. Can’t wait to see what they finally decide upon!

    And now we’re way off topic… :D

  • Yikes this scared me!! Yeah, I’m with jgriff, DITCH THE DARQUE TAN!!


  • Just called Monreal Plumbing (per the permit report). Ciro’s sewer lines were disconnected on August 13th. Weird.

  • Sewer lines are disconnected already?, but they are still open for business, I smell (no pun intended) and environmental reportable here.

  • That has got to be Darque Tan’s sewer lines. There’s no way that Ciro’s sewer lines are disconnected.

  • Darque Tan’s address is 9745-A Katy Freeway. And Ciro’s name and address was listed on both permit reports — sewage and demo. Again…weird.

  • This little demolition post is generating some interesting turns!

    I’m going to have to watch that area even more.

  • So, I am assuming Charlie’s is safe for now? I did not see their address. Metro National seems to be taking down this corner in pieces. Some of the structure was demolished last year, now we have another upcoming. You are still left with the nearly emply center facing Bunker Hill and La Hacienda in the back.

  • Our sewer lines are still working. We having running water and we are open!!! I really don’t know how all of this got started but as far as I know they are only demolishing that strip center. Mr. C’s closed down last Saturday and is moving everything out as we speak. Kobe moved to echo lane shopping center and we are not going anywhere. If they plan on demolishing us they might kill about 50-100 people. Anyone need a catering? And I agree but Darque Tan is staying I think for now.

  • Well, isn’t this getting wacky? So the permit says it’s coming down and the place is up and running (and i guess busy as usual).

    I’m wondering if the permit pulled was done incorrectly?

  • I plan to start picketing out front — for the well-being of ciro’s and the abolishment of a non-existent teardown plan. Will accept hand outs in the form of chianti and artichoke laced pizza.

  • Thanks for all the support!!!
    Ciro’s will serve food until year 2030.
    After 2030 my children will take over the way MEATBALLS should be rolled. “flat or round”

    thanks; ciro
    713 467 9336