Neighborhood Guessing Game: Organized

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Living Room and Kitchen

Are you ready for this week’s round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game? We’re playing it anyway.

You pore over the photos. You gather the clues. You decide what neighborhood this place is in. You enter your brilliant thoughts in the comments below this entry. (And if you’re new to the game, you read the rules first.)

You figure it all out? You win!

More photos of this lovely abode lie below. Go get ’em!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Kitchen

Interesting, huh? Well then, have a look down the hall:

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Hallway

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Guest Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 22: Bathroom

That’s enough to get a sense, no? Give us your guesses! You’ll get the real story on Thursday.

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  • Boulevard Oaks… look at that tree out fornt.

  • Oops, meant to say “front”… and great gawd almighty, that Rorschach Test wallpaper would give me nightmares.

  • I’m going to say Oak Forest.

    It’s definitely a ranch style from the floor plan and those high set window in the rooms.

  • What a thoroughly ‘saw it in a magazine’ interior. And that tin ceiling headboard…clever! Was that a ghost in the bathroom mirror? Could it be Sharpstown or vicinity?

  • I’m going to guess the s post oak/westbury area.

  • I am voting for a updated west houston house… maybe near the beltway and richmond… I think that area is called Tanglewilde (or so)…

  • Ooooh…tough one. The un-remodeled bathroom vanity and faucets combined with the lack of hardwoods make me think mid to late 60s tract home. Probably somewhere on the southwest side ’cause that tree across the street is an Ash, not a Live Oak. The only glob of 60s tract homes out that way that comes to mind is Sharpstown Country Club. I KNOW there are tons more out there but that’s the only one I can name off the top of my head.

  • Meyerland-ish

  • That could almost be the first house I owned in Bellaire.

  • The last couple of posters have made some good points. This is most likely a 60’s to early 70’s era tract home. It could be alot of different places around around suburban Houston. There are countless neighborhoods on the north side from around pinemont out to past the 1960 area. There are also areas like this all the way around the belt and hwy 6/1960 that are similar. The problem is that I really don’t see anything distinguishing about it. Some things have been cheaply remodeled, like the laminate wood flooring…. and oh those colors.

  • I concur on the Oak Forest comment. However since you dont get silver medals here, I will call it Timbergrove.

  • I also agree its probably on the near northwest side. I’ll say Garden Oaks — but perhaps it’s on the cheaper end, near Oak Forest. The kitchen looks like it was originally very small; the bathrooms are tiny; the hallway is pretty squatty; and the entryway is architectually insignificant (but I do love the chandelier). Plus, Garden Oaks is/was trendy, and obviously this young couple (double-income, no kids) is ready to move up into nicer digs to impress the coworkers or clients or whoever.

  • Judging by the can of air freshener on the toilet, I’m assuming I’m not the first person to suffer a case of intestinal woe after experiencing this house’s “decor”. High-tech electronics, Ikea floor lamps, and the hideous multi-colored bedspread–as well as the spacious green back and front yards–tell me it’s somewhere in that neighborhood behind Ikea just north of I-10 around Antoine.

  • It looks like the awkward love child of a recent romance between an IKEA/HGTV lovin’ young couple and their 60’s era house that their parents left them before moving to Florida.

  • I agree with Carol – this is a young couple who wants to be hip and urban for very little cash.

  • Spring Branch

  • Braeswood area just inside 610. West of Buffalo Speedway.

  • I’ll put in for Maplewood South. These owners have ready access to Ikea and The Container Store and big box hardware stores. There’s not a lot of reno pressure, but the lot values aren’t so high that this house is automatically a tear-down.

    For a quicker sale they should paint the hallway!

  • When did Trading Spaces come to town?

    Could be Sharpstown like someone else said, but I ain’t going there.

    I think it’s the Avenue 40’s off 290… don’t know the name of the neighborhood, but outside the loop off ella and east of 290…

    Is it just me or is the kitchen totally confusing…

  • Bellfort/Fondren area. Westburyish?

  • The floors I think – someone said laminate – but they look like bamboo to me – and it got me thinking – why would someone take out hardwoods to put in bamboo – unless it was flooded out and the hardwoods were ruined? So on that alone, I”ll go with Braeswood, slight reno after Allison.

    And I adore the filing/mailing things on the walls??? And how many framed pictures are there? That stencil in the entry, Gawd, that’s awful. The only thing I like in the house is the cute chandelier in the “foyer.”

  • Definitely built in the 1950s, and could feasibly be located in many near-loop neighborhoods of that era. Since Timbergrove and Oak Forest have already been guessed, I’ll go with Ella Lee Forest.

    fyi, the “stencil” in the front entry is actually wall stickers from (Flock model)– so they’ll come off easily for the next owner.

  • Someone threw a lot of money at the living spaces and didn’t update the bathrooms. I’ll go out on a limb (maybe on that big tree) and say it’s a Museum District rancher over off Banks or Milford. Mebbe someone inherited it from their parents and didn’t have the bucks for a teardown, so they’re throwing their money at electronics, furniture, and art.

  • ‘Bamboo’, laminate: Same thing.

  • Not true! Bamboo is an extremely durable material for flooring.

  • As far as I can tell, this shiny, consistant version of ‘bamboo’ is still just a thin slice laminated onto ‘wood-composite.’ No more durable than Formica. No more ‘real’ than a photograph.