Daily Demolition Report: Eagle Landing

12311 Cobblestone Dr., Frostwood, Houston

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

In this competition, everyone goes down a winner. Here are today’s contestants:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 12311 Cobblestone Dr.: HAR

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  • I had to control my laughter after reading the sob story from the Woodlands. You know, that planned community inhabited by people who wanted far away from Houston so they could pretend they lived in the forest. They even got Anadarko and Exxon along with some other energy companies to move up there with them. They didn’t want to have anything to do with Houston. They sure didn’t want to be annexed. They liked their sleepy community.

    Now they are singing another tune. After not paying taxes to Houston, and snubbing their noses at our metropolitan way of life, they have decided that they deserve to stop the bullet train outside of Houston because they are an affluent neighborhood. Give me a break. Why should a direct line from Dallas to Houston make a stop in the Woodlands. That would add another 15 minutes to what was billed as a 90 minute trip.
    They don’t deserve it and they should be the ones to take their Hardy toll road to the train station in downtown Houston. Its not the Dallas to The Woodland bullet train.

  • What’s going on at Silver Eagle Distributors?
    Did they sell out?

  • I agree with you, BobR, but I think you posted under the wrong story.

  • This unfortunately is not where I thought this comment was going. Obviously this pertains to the Woodlands. Crybabies!

  • That’s either the wrong address for Silver Eagle, or the wrong name for the TXDMV Houston Regional Service Center.

  • TxDMV sold the property. They closed the regional service center and moved it up to a building near 610 and 290. I would speculate that Silver Eagle bought it and is going to expand the facility that is next door.

  • Is that The Brady house?