Energy Corridor ConocoPhillips Workers Will Have to Drive Farther to Stay Brand-Loyal at the Pump


Tank up and get your real fruit smoothies and other convenience store Kicks while you still can at this ConocoPhillips service station and market at the corner of N. Eldridge Pkwy. and Dairy Ashford Rd., just north of the Omni Hotel Westside and just west of the petrochemical giant’s 62-acre Energy Corridor corporate campus.


eldridge-conoco-store eldridge-conoco-store-sign

“I guess it’s another sign-o’-the-times out here in the Energy Corridor,” writes a reader. “To me it looks like the filling station is a victim of the company’s own success.”

The Kicks store’s listed owner is the Kayo Oil Company, a subsidiary of ConocoPhillips.

Last year ConocoPhillips preleased 1.2 million sq.-ft. of office space in Energy III and Energy IV, two under-construction office towers just south of the Katy Fwy. from the existing campus. Those buildings will house the company’s Lower 48 operations, while the corporate staff will remain on Dairy Ashford. ConocoPhillips’s 12-year-lease gives them 100 percent of the space in both towers.

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  • I think most oil company employees are smart enough to know that Gasoline comes from central distribution terminals and the ‘brand’ you buy has nothing to do with who produced the oil or who refined it.

  • Considering ConocoPhillips doesn’t own the CONOCO brand any longer (it’s now owned by Phillips 66 Company), I doubt ConocoPhillips cares about this situation.

  • Close company gas station near company = use more gas to get gas. Genius.

  • Dag: The basic gasoline is indeed a fungible product, but the oil companies each use a proprietary additive. In the late ’90s I designed the truck loading racks at an oil terminal that supplied gas to Exxon, Chevron, Texaco (before they merged) and generic gas stations. There were 4 separate additive tanks and the injection rate also varied by grade. One can argue the merits of one additive suite vs another, but the product is NOT identical.

  • Yes Orang, I was ignoring marketing additives. I guess the only ‘brand loyalty’ you can have is for additives.

  • ConocoPhillips actually sold off all branded gas station a few years ago; all except the Eldridge station. That property stayed with ConocoPhillips after the split into two companies (ConocoPhillips and Phillips66), thus any change to the property would indicate ConocoPhillips has other plans for the site.

  • Sad day, this was the location of the last pay phone I ever used before getting a cell phone.