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The Heights at Park Row Apartments, Central Park, Energy Corridor, Houston

And now, a new 5-story apartment complex that’s outstanding in its field. Which is directly across I-10 from BP headquarters, and just south of the Addicks Reservoir. The reader who sent in this photo (showing the building at 13710 Park Row Dr. right in the center of the image) dubs it “Houston’s loneliest apartment complex.” But not for long — right?


Where the Action Is
01/27/15 2:15pm

UH LOOKING TO BUILD NEW CAMPUS IN KATY, BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE ENERGY IS University of Houston System at Cinco Ranch, 4242 S. Mason Rd., Cinco Ranch, Katy, TexasThe University of Houston has asked state lawmakers to begin work on a $60 million tuition revenue bond that would fund a new campus in Katy, including a 60,000-sq.-ft. facility on a not-yet-identified site. The new campus would be separate from the system’s existing facility at 4242 S. Mason Rd. in Cinco Ranch (pictured above). The move closer to oil and gas firms in the Energy Corridor is part of what UH vice president for government and community affairs Jason Smith tells Community Impact news is the institution’s goal “to become the energy university for the United States.” The Katy campus “would serve the oil and gas interests there, the companies and their campuses there,” he says. Separately, university president Renu Khator last week called the award of a multi-million-dollar grant for the establishment of a UH-led Subsea Systems Institute “the culmination of years of work to establish the University of Houston as the Energy University.” (Grant monies for that institute will come from payments made by oil company BP to the state of Texas after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.) [Community Impact News; UH] Photo of University of Houston System at Cinco Ranch: Directron

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COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOUSTON’S WESTWARD TILT Energy Corridor, Houston“News flash: the energy corridor is now the economic center of town. Downtown is just where companies go to save on rents bc the EC might be too pricey. There are — of course — big legacy companies still downtown but three super majors are between HW 6 and Dairy Ashford.” [Houstonian, commmenting on Another Chelsea Gets Away] Illustration: Lulu

01/08/15 2:45pm

ATLANTA COMPANY UPGRADING ENERGY CORRIDOR, WOODFOREST APARTMENT COMPLEXES FROM COUNTRY TO CITY Saddle Ridge Apartments, 12800 Woodforest Blvd., Woodforest, HoustonA note on the purchase of 2 Houston apartment complexes by Atlanta’s Radco Companies noted in this morning’s roundup of Headlines: Urbanization — in advance or in recognition of actual changes-on-the-ground — appears to be part of the plan. In taking over the properties from Fannie Mae, Radco has renamed the 122-unit Country Place apartments at 1015 Country Place Dr. in the Energy Corridor to City Terrace. And the 458-unit Saddle Ridge apartments (pictured here) at 12800 Woodforest Blvd. at the northern tip of Riviera East, east of Uvalde Rd., is shedding its rural shadings under new ownership as well: It’s new name is City Crossing Apartments. The company also plans to spend an average of $13,300 per unit in upgrades. [Real Estate Bisnow; more info] Photo: Radco Companies

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Last chance for those seeking to buy pansies, raspberry bushes and fig trees near the corner of N. Dairy Ashford Dr. and the Katy Fwy, as the location of Cornelius Nursery that has stood there for decades is closing down in a matter of days. “Most likely on the fourth,” an employee says, but possibly as early as Friday.

The nursery and parking lot sprawl across about 3 acres of Energy Corridor land at 1200 N. Dairy Ashford Dr. According to online property records, Calloway’s Inc., the nursery company with which Cornelius merged, sold the property to an entity called 1200 North Dairy Ashford LLC earlier this month.

Two Swamplot readers heard differing tales regarding the property’s fate:


Horticultural Institutions
12/15/14 10:30am


Tank up and get your real fruit smoothies and other convenience store Kicks while you still can at this ConocoPhillips service station and market at the corner of N. Eldridge Pkwy. and Dairy Ashford Rd., just north of the Omni Hotel Westside and just west of the petrochemical giant’s 62-acre Energy Corridor corporate campus.


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10/17/14 3:45pm

Collapsed Crane at Energy Tower IV, 11750 Katy Fwy., Energy Corridor, Houston

A truck-mounted crane at work on Mac Haik Realty’s Energy Tower IV on the north side of the Katy Fwy. just west of Kirkwood fell over earlier this afternoon, damaging scaffolding, a portion of the building’s curtain wall on a few lower floors, a fence separating the construction site from the adjacent Don McGill Toyota dealership at 11800 Katy Fwy., and a truck or 2 parked on the sales lot. No injuries have yet been reported. The 17-story, 450,000-sq.-ft. building began construction last August.

Video still: Click2Houston

Construction Accidents
10/01/14 10:15am

Christian's Tailgate at Former Cattleguard Restaurant, 1010 Hwy. 6 North, Houston

Former Cattleguard Restaurant, 1010 Hwy. 6 North, HoustonThe former Cattleguard Restaurant, an old-western-style wooden facade planted in front of a bundle of metal buildings in the parking lot between the Drury Inn & Suites and the Wyndham Hotel at 1010 Hwy. 6 North, just north of I-10, is being made over as a fourth location for Christian’s Tailgate. Christian’s Mazen Baltagi tells Swamplot the Energy Corridor spot is being outfitted with more than 35 beer taps and more than 50 teevees, and should be ready to open within 5 or 6 weeks. The Cattleguard Restaurant had lasted more than 20 years at the site, but shut down early this year.

Photos: Mazen Baltagi

Energy Corridor Burgers
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Now flipping in Sherwood Oaks, a fully renovated ranchburger with rebooted pool serves up an open floor plan (above) with an outside of fresh greens. (The droopy tilted mailbox at curbside — shown in the older photo at right — has been replaced, too.) The overhauled property, located west of the Sam Houston Tollway and north of I-10, popped up on the market Wednesday as a relisting, asking $449,000. That’s the same price a previous listing by the same agent had reached by June; the property took a quick break and repositioned its pricepoint up from an initial $230,000 set in May, shortly after the current owner picked it up for $175K just a day after its listing at the end of April.


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This Energy Corridor area home may present Frenchier lines to its neighbors, but there’s some whoopin’ country-style living hidden inside. Located in the Lakeside Venture neighborhood — west of S. Kirkwood Rd. and north of Briar Forest Dr. — the property’s large-but-narrow lot is just over an acre and shaped a bit like a boomerang, with one tip near the street. In its relisting earlier this week, the 1979 home’s asking price took another tack: $1.295 million.  A previous listing by the same agent in July 2014 had begun at $1.695 million but dropped the asking price a month later to $1.475 million.


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02/21/14 2:00pm

Construction of Daycare Facility, Shell Woodcreek Campus, 200 N. Dairy Ashford Rd., Energy Corridor, Houston

We’re counting no fewer than 5 construction cranes in this view looking east along the north side of I-10 from N. Eldridge Pkwy. But what’s that one-story building going up in the center of the photo on the north side of the I-10 feeder, south of Shell’s Woodcreek campus and east of ConocoPhillips, on N. Dairy Ashford? It’s a new daycare facility for Shell.

Photo: David Elizondo

Shell Games