Little White Church on Barker-Clodine Escapes from Marks LH7 Ranch, Shows Up in Yard of Katy Neighbor

Little White Church on Barker Clodine Rd. Being Moved to Iglesia Sobre La Roca, 433 S. Barker Cypress Rd., Katy, Texas

The white woodframe church that until recently stood with a collection of small buildings including the Barker General Store on the main, retracted campus of the Marks LH7 Ranch at 1010 Barker Clodine Rd. has been spotted nearby, fleeing encroaching apartment development along the far east end of Kingsland Blvd. at the northwest corner of George Bush Park. The church hasn’t traveled far: It’s arrived on the grounds of the neighboring Iglesia Sobre La Roca, aka Church on the Rock, at 433 S. Barker Cypress Rd. in Katy — just a quarter-mile to the north.

Here’s a photo of the church building as it was picked up from its previous home at 1010 Barker Clodine Rd., beyond the street-facing plaque that explains the remains of Houston’s last ranch:


Little White Church on Barker Clodine Rd. Being Moved to Iglesia Sobre La Roca, 433 S. Barker Cypress Rd., Katy, Texas

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top); Cycling Space City (original location)

Last Roundup at Houston’s Last Ranch

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  • Turns out the old gas station dude was right. There’s a huge apartment complex, plus a stupid Ryland housing development going up in that area.

    It’s like 30 houses starting at $400,000 sandwiched between the complex and a McMansion. I’m glad they saved the church, at least.

  • The Mark’s Ranch was one of the ranchers who saved the Longhorn cattle….There were certain families in Texas and Louisiana who kept this breed from extinction. They did not have the “meat” on their bones like the European cattle did, and come to find out because of their small birthing lbs, the ranchers lost fewer of their mama cows. The European larger animals had problems with deaths upon giving birth to the larger babies. Plus now with the emphasis on less fatty meat, the Longhorn came back in style….What would have happened if Mr. Marks and others had not saved this wonderful animal…

  • The Mark’s Ranch was back in the late 1800s….who helped save the Longhorn cattle.

  • Urban sprawl 😔the last think we needed was another apartment complex and high end housing development. Leave some green space. Please!

  • This is the 2nd move for this church building. I wonder how many times it will get moved.

  • It’s been moved again and is out of sight.

  • This was my home church for years. I grew up in my spirit here. I made a family here. It breaks my heart seeing it like this. We used to have church on the ranch surrounded by long horns. It was a real home for me. Beautiful oak trees that reached to the sky for days.