A Park Row Hotel’s Long Burnout

Fire at Courtyard By Marriott Hotel, 18010 Park Row Dr., Ten Oaks, Park Row, Energy Corridor, Houston

12 hours after the Courtyard by Marriott under construction at the corner of Park Row and Barker Cypress burst into flames, fire crews are still dumping water on the building, a reader reports. Here’s a post-conflagration view of the soaking going on at Texas Western Hospitality’s hotel project. The 135-room, 4-story hotel on a 5.2-acre site at 18010 Park Row Dr., next door to the West Campus of Texas Children’s Hospital, had been scheduled to open in October. No injuries have been reported.

Photo: Brian Walz

Courtyard by Marriott

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  • Multi-story, wood frame buildings appear to be especially susceptible to fire during the framing phase of construction. All that exposed, dry wood with lots of room for air movement makes for a giant tinder pile.

  • Exactly Superdave!
    “Now Scouts, when preparing your camp-fire, construct a 4 or 5-story stick-framed hotel out of your twigs…

  • Still have no idea why the city allows wood frame construction in apartments, businesses and other buildings of this size. Unfortunately they wont change anything until we have loss of lives.

  • Hou: because you do t hear of them burning often (once built). And the alternatives are way more expensive. Those more expensive options are already available for people that apwant to pay more. The governments job isn’t to rip all lower priced options.