Daily Demolition Report: Get Skywalker

512 Dennis St., Midtown, Houston

Find the loose link and the whole chain will go quickly.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 512 Dennis St.: Swamplot inbox

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  • So sorry the cute little house on Colquitt is being torn down. I remember a few years ago when it was on the market it was featured on Swamplot.

  • Good catch, FDM. We’ve added a link to our story from 2011.

  • Sad that someone didn’t want the house to live in more than someone wanted the land.

  • Sad to see 1514 Lynn View go away, it was my great aunt and uncle’s home until about 3 or 4 years ago. My Great Uncle ran the Wirt Rd Animal Clinic at Long Point and Wirt until he sold the land where the Ostioneria 7 Mares Seafood place is now.

  • I thought the same thing about the Colquitt house, but to be fair, it was listed as “priced at lot value” — which in the Alabama Place / Westlawn Terrace / Colquitt Court neighborhoods is apparently about $3 million an acre.

  • 512 Dennis makes me so sad. I leased this home for years back in the 90’s and was such a sweet home. Long before this area was gentrified I was surrounded by razor-wire topped chain link fencing. I called it my “compound”. Heartbroken….

  • 8224 Long Point was Spring Branch Savings by Burdette Keeland


  • El Duko, I miss the Wirt Rd animal clinic. Does anyone know who has purchased the lots on Long Point? A home builder? Henrietta, I have lived in the Spring Branch area since I moved here in “78”. I had forgotten about that building being the Savings and Loan.

  • crazy to see the original site plans for that Spring Branch S&L in comparison to it’s current situation, boy do things change quickly. but whats that car doing there in the first pic? way before my time but isn’t that car quite a bit older than the 50’s.

  • 512 Dennis looks like a sears kit house and was supposedly built in 1920. What a shame!