Daily Demolition Report: Gone from McGowen

2240 Del Monte Dr., River Oaks, Houston

Gotta get these out of here. Quickly.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2240 Del Monte Dr.: HAR

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  • All I can do is shake my head at these 77019 demos. Unreal.

  • Are the River Oaks demos for spec houses or are rich people actually going around the neighborhood picking out the house they want to knock down?

  • You simply don’t see the the volume of tear down & rebuilds in many other parts of the country like you see here in Houston. Tear down & rebuild is in our Houstonian DNA. These 77019 homes prove it happens everywhere in our city not just targeted towards gentrifying neighborhoods as many want to believe. There is no concept, desire or pride in preservation especially when it is economically feasible to tear down & rebuild.. The “don’t tell me what to do” spirit prevails in all aspects of our Texan blood!

  • The Del Monte house is only 3500 ft^2 and was built in 1933! It probably has an old smell to it.

  • OMG. That house was only 3,500 square feet! Where’s the wine room? His and her bathrooms? Multiple offices? Media room? Servant’s quarters? Butler’s pantry? Big Game room to show off that you too can afford to fly to Africa and have other people trap exotics so you can shoot them in a cage?

  • I think the fungus and mold has a lot to do with the tear-down mentality in this city. And property taxes…..

  • From the listing photos, the Del Monte was pretty mediocre. The rooms were odd shapes and sizes, the bathrooms were awful, the kitchen was awful, and the back elevation looked like it was an afterthought.. The pool and pool house didn’t work well either. Overall, it’s no great loss, and who knows, the new structure might be great.

  • This isn’t a Texas thing, it’s a HOUSTON thing. This doesn’t happen in San Antonio or even Dallas. There is zero respect for Preservation her. It’s pathetic that Hosuton is such a two dollar whore. No wonder people can’t wait to retire to get the hell out of this place. It’s a disgrace.

  • You are right Ross. This charming colonial just had to go with that awful kitchen and those bizarre square and rectangular shaped rooms. I have heard that there are some people out there who can go into a house and change how it looks inside. But I have also heard that this can be expensive. It wouldn’t be fair to expect people looking in this neighborhood to have any extra money lying around for such frivolities. And most of the new builds in the neighborhood are also very classy and beautifully understated like this house was that we have nothing to fear.

  • @Old School, it’s not a charming colonial. It’s an 80 year old piece of mediocre architecture with no real redeeming qualities. The layout is awful, the facade is awful, and the grounds are awful, as anyone with a modicum of taste or any esthetic sense would agree. It is no great loss, and an excellent lot for something new and attractive (or not, as the case may be) built for the new owner. Just remember, it ain’t about what you want, it’s about what the owner wants.