Replacement for Houston’s Shuttering Downtown Post Office Is Actually Somewhat Close to Downtown

Sam Houston Station, 1500 Hadley St., Midtown, Houston

Barbara Jordan Post Office, 401 Franklin St., Downtown HoustonOne advantage of tearing down the Pierce Elevated: Doing so would bolster the argument that the station that’s about to take over as Houston’s central post office — after the Barbara Jordan Post Office closes later this month — should be considered a part of Downtown. For now, though, Sam Houston Station (pictured at top) is pretty clearly in Midtown, at the corner of Hadley and LaBranch streets, across the street from the former VA building that now houses the La Branch Child Development Center. The address is 1500 Hadley St., and the Zip Code is still 77002, though USPS officials for some reason have confusingly labeled it 77005 in several recent notices. 77001 boxholders exiled from their longtime home at 401 Franklin St. Downtown (pictured directly above) took up residence here at the beginning of the month:


Sam Houston Station, 1500 Hadley St., Midtown, Houston

Sam Houston Station, 1500 Hadley St., Midtown, Houston

There’s still no mail pick-up, tellers, package machine, or drop-off at this station yet. Those services will begin May 16th, after the Downtown post office that’s Downtown closes.

Photos: Ayn Morgan

1500 Hadley St.

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  • Considering the absurd perspective that government entities seem to hold over what is a ‘central’ location, I’m surprised they didn’t move it to a more convenient location for downtown workers, like The Woodlands.

  • Pretty pathetic for a downtown post office. The nation’s 4th largest city should have something that when you walk in, says “You’re in the downtown post office.” Chicago’s downtown P.O. in the Federal Center is a good model.

  • It is bizarre that there will not be a full service, publicly accessible post office downtown. The Barbara Jordan facility didn’t even really count because it was so far on the periphery, but with it gone there is no more room for denial.

  • Who cares what the Main post office looks like, nobody uses US mail anymore unless you’re late with your tax filings and need that postmark, but then again, you can always file online. Given the abysmal state of almost every post office, the staff that has look of having given up on life, and it’s perpetual insolvent financial state, within the decade they will be almost eliminated or fully privatized.

  • It’s time to let post offices go. Houston doesn’t need to pretend it was a happening place when post offices were a thing.

  • There’s a post office in the Bob Casey courthouse on Rusk. You have to pass through metal detectors, and it’s only open from 10-1 and 2-4 each day, but it’s something. The customer experience reviews on Google are indicative as to why people might not even bother using this location though:

  • I like sending and recieving cards and party invites. And the price of a stamp is still a damn good value.

  • Mail (and paper in general) will eventually mount a comeback, the same way walking mounted a comeback, natural food mounted a comeback, and wooden furniture, cotton clothing, breastfeeding, and cigar smoking all mounted comebacks. Whenever a new technology seems to invalidate something, people get all gleeful and drown themselves in hype, especially in America. But people will continue to use and enjoy paper, and they will continue to send pieces of it to each other, hence the mail. It won’t be as big as it was, but it will be here.

  • The postal system is still good for legal notices, documentation, and that sort of thing; but you can do that even in a small branch office. It’s also good for sending bulk mail, and you could’ve gone to a fairly sizable plant downtown or to one in north Houston, but I can’t really figure out why there needs to be a bulk mail plant downtown. Not everything needs to be downtown.

    The architecture of the Barbara Jordan facility was excellent IMO when you compare it to the architecture of post offices elsewhere in the city, but the Barbara Jordan facility occupies so much prime land for such a peripheral set of functions that its just ridiculous for them to stay there.

  • please, USPS serves plenty of purposes and will never disappear, don’t show your ignorance here guys. they just need to be provided the ability to act like a real company that can restructure themselves by eliminating costly personnel and shutter tons of rural/underperforming locations. that’s congresses fault, not the USPSs.

  • No one thinks there needs to be a bulk mail plant downtown. And the Barbara Jordan facility won’t be staying. You really like its architecture?

  • Firstl of all the” Post Office” is the only Branch in Government that is self sustaining, it doesn’t rely on Taxes from the people. It’s not in bankrupt, it’s a place where our soldiers when they get out can find work, healthcare, and earn a real living wage. Because the Post Office makes its money from its Goods and Services. But it have to answer to Congress and get permission to anything. It’s also founded the first Law Enforcement. THINK PRIVATIZING everyone newly hire will have to get on SNAP and Medicaid. Not to mention taking down THE Letter Carriers Union.

  • I like its architecture! Precast concrete can do so much that is decorative as well as structural.

  • @ Mike: As postal service architecture goes (which for decades now has been about as interesting as Walgreen’s stores), yes I like this one. Its siting and proportions are appealing given the range of functions that are carried out in the facility and it conveys a sense of strength and permanence about the institution.

    @ Nicole King: You’re incorrect that USPS is the only government entity that is self-sustaining. The FAA comes immediately to mind. I’m sure that there are others.

  • Huge pain in the neck driving through midtown gridlock to get to this one. The old one connected right into all the major downtown escape routes.

  • If JP Morgan Chase ever decides they don’t need the banking hall at 712 Main, it would make one hell of a post office.

    The old First City banking hall on what is now Main Street Square would also have been great, but it was torn down for a parking garage.

  • “Firstl of all the” Post Office” is the only Branch in Government that is self sustaining, it doesn’t rely on Taxes from the people. It’s not in bankrupt”

    say what now? On what planet is $47 BILLION in losses over the past decade “self sustaining”?